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Gov. Evers: Super 8 hotel in Milwaukee among 2 ‘isolation facilities’ amid COVID-19 concerns

Gov. Tony Evers

Gov. Tony Evers

MILWAUKEE — Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday, March 31 announced the State of Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center is opening two state-run voluntary isolation facilities in Madison and Milwaukee — and is providing guidance to local communities throughout Wisconsin.

The two sites set to open April 1, 2020 are the Lowell Center in Madison and a Super 8 hotel in Milwaukee, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

“As the state’s response to COVID-19 continues, we want to make sure those who need a safe place to stay have one available to them,” Gov. Evers said in the news release. “These voluntary self-isolation sites help respond to the pandemic in two ways. First, they will provide a valuable resource for those who have mild symptoms of COVID-19, leaving valuable hospital space available for others who need it, and they also provide a safe place for people to stay so they don’t spread COVID-19 to others.”

The release noted these facilities are for symptomatic individuals suspected to be infected with COVID-19 or who have a confirmed case of COVID-19. Individuals will not be permitted to register at the facility unless referred by a medical provider or public health official.

Individuals will register and stay at the isolation facility on a voluntary basis, with the expected length of stay about 14 days, or 72 hours after symptoms dissipate. At any time, either the individual or the facility may terminate the individual’s presence at the site. Those staying at the facility will have wellness checks by phone every four hours during the day and if needed at night, the release said.

Additionally, the release said the SEOC also issued guidance for communities seeking to open their own voluntary self-isolation centers. This guidance will aid local communities with the following:

  • How do we select, set up, and staff an isolation site?
  • How does a person get referred to and checked into the isolation site?
  • What happens while occupants are at the isolation site? Including details about medical monitoring/wellness check calls and other on-site services.
  • When do occupants leave the site? Including details about discharge and involuntary check out from the isolation site.

“Our community partners across the state know what will work best for the folks living in their area,” Gov. Evers said in the release. “This guidance should aid them with any local effort that is undertaken to help those who are facing COVID-19 and doing their best to comply with my ‘safer at home’ order.”

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