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Milwaukee County officials continue search for success in battle with COVID-19: ‘It’s moving quickly’

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Tom Barrett

MILWAUKEE -- A good cookie requires some baking necessities -- like eggs, flour and sugar. The recipe is far more complex, though, when it comes to finding a solution to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

"We know that this is moving, and we know it's moving quickly," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

However, Barrett knows that part of the recipe for success is a three-part equation -- beds, equipment and personnel -- and that one part cannot outweigh another.

"That is only one-third of the equation. When I say one-third of the equation, there is still the equipment part of the equation, there is still the personnel part of the equation," he said. "We can't lose that as we're focusing on getting the physical beds."

As far as beds go, city and state leaders are asking hospitals to take inventory and get creative.

"We are going to be looking for additional places to isolate individuals who have this so the ICU units can be used for those who are sickest," said Barrett.

On the equipment front, first responders from across Milwaukee County have created response units for coronavirus-related emergencies to help stop the virus' spread and save resources.

Greenfield Fire Chief Jon Cohn

"That is also one of the attempts at conserving PPE, because they're really good and focused and know how to manage these patients," said Greenfield Fire Chief Jon Cohn. "So, hopefully, take some of the pressure off the system."

And testing remains an issue; state guidelines prioritize those who are most at risk or health care workers.

Coronavirus testingAll three parts -- beds, equipment and testing -- must play a roll in finding the recipe for success against the virus. The equation is constantly being processed, especially as COVID-19 continues to evolve.

Recent data showed more cases on the south side of Milwaukee and in suburban areas. However, most cases remain in the City of Milwaukee limits.

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