Air quality alert for lakeshore counties until 3 p.m. Wednesday

Saturday’s EF-1 Tornado in Potosi, WI leveled a barn, killing 3 cows

Storm Prediction Center summary of March 28th severe event

GRANT COUNTY — This past Saturday, March 28th, severe weather impacted 14 states and with over 30 tornado touchdowns across 7 states. One of those tornadoes, an EF-1, hit Potosi, Wisconsin in Grant County with estimated winds of 100mph.

Kevin Roesch

The damage path stretched an estimated 6.9 miles from Oelwein, Iowa to Potosi, with 4 of those miles in Grant County. About 1 mile north of Potosi, damage to homes, farms, and trees could be found. The tornado also leveled a barn, killing 3 cows before lifting just northeast of the area. The remnants of the barn can be seen in the two photos featured in this article…

Kevin Roesch

As bad as things may have been in Potosi, the rest of Wisconsin was spared as instability weakened just in time. It could have been much worse for Southern Wisconsin if the warm front shifted even 40 miles further north, bringing the likelihood of multiple tornado touchdowns that remained south and west of our area.

Now is a good time to practice your severe weather plan, check batteries on those weather radios, download the FOX6 Storm Center App, and stay tuned to the forecast with severe season right around the corner!

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