‘Help put food on people’s tables:’ Community photography project benefits Feeding America

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WAUWATOSA -- Trying to feel a sense of normalcy during these times isn't always easy.

What will we remember from this period in our lives? Maybe it'll be the masks. Maybe the empty streets.

One photographer is offering another option.

"It's a hard time for all of us to be living in, but it is a way to remember that you get to share this time with your family," said photographer Lindsay Stayton.

It's a typical day in Wauwatosa -- typical for now, anyway.

Families, like the Wilde's, are enjoying each other's company and the spring weather -- making the most of the unique situation of having to be at home, all chronicled by photographer Lindsay Stayton for her "Front Porch Project."

Wilde family

"Everyone is home. Everyone is there. And if I can go to them just like walking around a neighborhood with a camera and make sure that I am documenting them for their memories, that makes me the family historian," Stayton said.

Lindsay Stayton

Each photograph captures a moment -- this strange moment -- of the shared smiles during our time of uncertainty while being safer at home trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The isolation, which isn't easy for most, will hopefully, in time, result in good health and be seen through a different lens -- maybe as a snapshot of being alone, together.

While the pictures may fill the soul one day, they're filling the stomachs of those in need on this day. The money for every session is being donated to Feeding America.

"It is just a great way to get the entire community of Milwaukee together from Cedarburg all the way down to Bay View and Wauwatosa, where we are now, and even out to Brookfield," Stayton said. "All those people came together to help put food on people's tables that need it the most right now."

Each photo from Lindsay, whose slogan is "Your Family Historian," gives us something positive to remember despite the negative. So far, the effort has raised more than $4,000.

If you would like to connect with Stayton or view more of her work, CLICK HERE.

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