First tropical depression of the 2020 hurricane season forming in the Eastern Pacific

EASTERN PACIFIC — Likely the first tropical depression of the 2020 hurricane season is forming just off the west coast of Mexico. This storm continues to gain strength as it gradually heads northwest.

Once it becomes more organized and produces sustained winds of over 38 mph with an obvious rotation of the entire system, it can then be classified as a tropical depression.

Current IR satellite image of what is likely the first tropical depression of the 2020 hurricane season

Over the next 48 hours, the likelihood this does become a tropical depression is over 80 percent, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Although hurricane season is more famous in the Atlantic and near the end of summer, the eastern Pacific can create monster storms just as often.

Storms in the tropics feed off of warm water to maintain their strength which is why after a full summer of warming the southern oceans are their most dangerous by August. It’s not as common to see storms of this magnitude this early in the year but is not unheard of.

Current location of the likely tropical depression to form in the next 48 hours

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