‘Doesn’t make any sense:’ Milwaukee homeowners speak out after spike in property value assessments

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MILWAUKEE -- Bay View homeowners are sounding off on a large spike in their property value assessments. The value of some homes increased by more than $100,000.

Just outside Humboldt Park, Lenore Burger's home overlooks Pine Street. It's more than a century old and has no central air conditioning system. The only update made in 2019 was to freshen up her porch railings.

You could imagine her surprise to see the assessed property value of her home skyrocket -- rising to $114,000, nearly 51% in just 12 months.

Lenore Burger

"It just didn't seem right. I thought it was a misprint," Burger said. "I mean, I have a lovely home. It's beautiful. I love it, but it's certainly not like an up-to-date home that should've increased in value over $100,000 since last year. That just doesn't make any sense."

Several other homeowners in Bay View and across the city told FOX6 News about their concerns, which were then taken to the City of Milwaukee Assessment Commissioner Steve Miner who says the market drives the appraisal process.

Steve Miner

"Every year we use last year's sales to be the basis for the new values," Miner said.

Generally, Miner says, the Bay View neighborhoods saw a jump between 10% and 15% but encourages those who saw a bigger difference to start the appeal process -- and learn exactly why the appraisers set the value that they did.

"There's gotta be a reason for that, and that's the kind of phone call and the conversation that needs to happen between the property owner and our office," he said.


If you feel your assessment was too high or too low, now is the time to begin the appeal online. Appeals must be done by May 18. CLICK HERE for information on how to do so.

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