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DWD: US Bank customers see excess jobless aid deposited, taken away due to tech ‘malfunction’

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MILWAUKEE -- A glitch in the state's unemployment system sent a number of people double their routine payments, then took them away again. Officials say the error only affected customers with U.S. Bank.

Gary Fluaitt

Some customers are still working to have the issue resolved, some are dealing with overdraft fees and others say they spent the money that wasn't theirs.

"There was extra money with no explanation, and it made no sense to me," said Delafield resident Gary Fluaitt. "Instead of receiving three of the $600 bonus checks, I actually got six of them."

Fluaitt says a surplus appeared in his U.S. Bank account Thursday morning, April 30. He was using the money to pay his bills; Thursday night, it was gone.

"I was watching FOX6 News and I saw that there was a situation with U.S. Bank and unemployment," Fluaitt said. "Right away I jumped on my account to see if I was affected by it and I noticed all my money was then pulled out of my account and negative."

Unemployment -- Wisconsin Department of Workforce DevelopmentThe Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development confirmed the mistake in a statement, calling the error a "technological malfunction" exclusively with U.S. Bank accounts and that employees are "rectifying the error and working with U.S. Bank to redistribute appropriate funds as soon as possible.

Neither the bank nor the DWD would say how many people were affected.

"I already have anxiety issues," said Fluaitt. "This was not my fault. This was unemployment's fault."

After a call to a service representative, Fluaitt said his overdraft fees have been erased, but that doesn't ease his nerves. He's hoping his story is a reminder to be skeptical with any payments you receive.

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