Starlink satellite constellation streaks across Florida sky Thursday

If you were outside and able to look up around 9 p.m. Thursday, you may have seen a long line of parading satellites streaking across the sky.

Many Floridians know SpaceX regularly launches and lands its Falcon rocket from Cape Canaveral. Many of those missions are to place Starlink satellites into orbit.

Now, they parade across the sky in low Earth orbit, and occasionally they are visible above Florida.

Thursday night, several people in the Bay Area captured video of the satellites crossing over Florida.

Eventually, SpaceX intends for the satellites to provide internet access across the globe. Some are currently used for military and scientific purposes.

SpaceX says there are currently more than 400 Starlink satellites in orbit. They aim to eventually make them invisible to the human eye, so catch them while you can.

Their orbit can be tracked online on various websites, including

SpaceX says it hopes to have private beta internet service available through its satellites in the northern U.S. and Canada by August 2020.

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