‘We’re behind them:’ 2 men spread thanks to health care workers outside Children’s, Froedtert

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WAUWATOSA -- A pair of longtime friends are dedicating time to thanking the health care workers outside Children's Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital.

Around 6:30 in the morning, Frank Janiszewski and Allen Beranek set up shop at the intersection of Watertown Plank Road and 92nd Street in Wauwatosa just as one shift of doctors, nurses and other health care workers left and the next showed up.

Allen Beranek

"We're just showing support for people that are putting their lives on the line," Beranek said.

Whether coming or going, all workers were met with smiles and waves from Janiszewski and Beranek. The two had signs that provided a heartfelt "thank you" for an oftentimes thankless job.

"We're behind them, and we're trying to make whatever semblance life is like for them a little bit easier every day," said Janiszewski.

Friends from Franklin spread "thank you" message to health care workers at Froedtert, Children's Wisconsin

Friends from Franklin spread "thank you" message to health care workers at Froedtert, Children's Wisconsin

The morning welcome has been going for nearly a month now. The two are at their post every morning, giving thanks to people who they've never met.

Frank Janiszewski

Why come every day?

"Why not? They show up every day," said Beranek.

I just feel like these are special people, and we gotta recognize them," Janiszewski said.

The two men hope even a small amount of recognition can make all the difference for the men and women on the frontlines.

"People want to feel appreciated, and if we can give them just a little gleam, make them feel a little better in the morning, it's all worth it," said Beranek. "It's just saying 'thank you.'"

It takes the guys just a couple of minutes to set up and tear down, so they're gone quickly. However, they say they'll continue to be there every day to support the health care workers for the foreseeable future.

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