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Feeling antsy at home? Give your walls a fresh coat of paint

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Painting can transform a space, which makes it a particularly enticing project for the millions of people sheltering at home.

If you haven’t tackled it on your own before, Consumer Reports has some painting pointers.

First, start with a good paint and a good brush.

Consumer Reports recommends Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot, a Best Buy for $31 a gallon.

For latex paint, use a brush with nylon bristles.

The bristles should be nice and stiff to spread the paint evenly.

Tug at them to make sure they don’t come out; you don’t want to find any in your paint.

Small, angled sash brushes from 1 to 2 and a half inches wide are best for trim.

For cutting in around doorways and ceilings, use an angled sash brush that’s 2 and a half inches.

The angle allows you to make a sharp line and access corners.

And for painting wide, flat surfaces like walls or siding, a flat brush that’s 3 to 4 inches wide will do the best job.

For walls and ceilings, use a roller.

Consumer Reports recommends using a short-nap one, about a quarter-inch deep.

They tend to cause less splatter while still providing you with a smooth, thick coat.

You can also tackle outdoor projects like fences and front doors.

Consumer Reports recommends Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior from Home Depot and Clark+Kensington Exterior from Ace.

Consumer Reports says it’s always a good idea to keep leftover paint for future touch-ups.

If you’re using the original container, close the lid tightly, tapping it with a hammer.

Write the date you used the paint and the room you painted with a permanent marker.

Don’t store it in sunlight or near a heat source or anywhere it might freeze.

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