Struggling to keep your kids busy during the summer months? Here are some tips

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MILWAUKEE -- Now that school is out for summer, parents may be struggling to find things for kids to do during the day. Parenting expert, Carly Corogi, joins FOX6 WakeUp with some tips for summer success.

I find that being intentional about the things we want to do with all our extra time in the summer means we are much more likely to actually do those things. Whether it`s creating a summer bucket list with your family or just plotting some fun activities on the calendar, planning for the fun makes it less stressful to actually get out there and do it. My family like to loosely use this outline to help us focus on fun and intention.

  • Make it Monday (craft, project, etc.)
  • Take a Trip Tuesday (go somewhere new)
  • Water Wednesday (pool, beach, water sports, water balloons, water games)
  • Thoughtful Thursday (do something for someone else or contribute to community)
  • Foodie Friday - bake or cook together, kids choose dinner

Nothing can ruin summer fun more quickly than itchy, annoying bug bites. Smart moms can eliminate the itch with mom-invented "The Bug Bite Thing."

Nothing drives a parent crazier than hearing 'I`m BORED!' Know that this will happen and be prepared with parent tools like a boredom buster jar. At the beginning of summer, brainstorm with your kids all the things they could do when bored. Write each on a popsicle stick and place into a jar. Now, when they are bored, they can pick a stick... and stop complaining!

Though many children end naptime in preschool, summers are a whole different ball game! Hot weather, constant activity, later bedtimes... all result in over-tired children. After a busy morning, schedule in some down time. This doesn`t need to mean sleep (though you`ll be surprised how many kids will conk out when given the chance) but allow each child 30 minutes of quiet time in their bedroom. It allows siblings some private time, encourages creativity and independence, and gives everyone a much needed breather. Schedule this in!

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