I am an investigative reporter with a passion for public records and open meetings. I’ve been part of the FOX6 team since July 2018.

My love for journalism started when I was 12. My parents took me to school board meetings, which they attended to advocate for students with disabilities. I took notes, asked the board members questions after the meetings, and wrote stories about what happened.

Just a few years later, I did my first investigative report at the age of 15. My parents announced they were moving our family of eight from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. I promptly dug up every fact I could find about the area, made arrangements to live with a friend’s family, and presented my findings to my parents. They congratulated me on my efforts, informed me that I was still required to move with them and my five brothers, and suggested I channel my energy into journalism.

Pennsylvania turned out to be lovely. After I graduated high school, I attended Syracuse University, where I graduated one semester early with a dual B.A. in broadcast & digital journalism and international relations.

A few weeks after graduation, I started my first television news job at WTOL11 in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where I met my now-husband, Steve. It’s also where I officially started my investigative career. Through public records, I was able to expose flaws in the state’s school vaccination tracking system and uncover City of Toledo fraudulent food expenses.

I eventually returned to Pennsylvania to work at ABC27 in Harrisburg, where I was a founding member of the station’s first investigative team. I also started a weekly “Restaurant Report” segment, along with the market’s first television station podcast, called On Deadline. I continued to hold local leaders accountable through reporting on public expenses, nursing home violations, costly towing practices, efforts to skirt laws governing transparency, and gaps in the Capitol’s system for reporting sexual harassment.

I am a recipient of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accounts “Truth in Finances Award, along with regional honors from the Associated Press and the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, reading, hiking, and exploring our new home of Wisconsin!

Recent Articles
  • Security experts: Wisconsin state lawmaker email practices can put your personal information at risk

    MADISON — Security consultants warn that Wisconsin state lawmaker email practices uncovered in a FOX6 investigation can expose your personal information to cyber attacks. The FOX6 Investigators went through thousands of pages of emails for 43 current and recent state senators and representatives as part of a public records request. 33 percent had government emails on their personal Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail email accounts. The group was evenly-split between two parties. Democrats Peter Barca, Gordon Hintz, Josh Zepnick, Mark […]

  • New bill would prevent Wisconsin lawmakers from destroying public records

    MILWAUKEE — A Wisconsin state lawmaker is introducing legislation that would prevent legislators from destroying public records. Other government agencies are required to keep public records for set periods of time. However, an exception state lawmakers wrote themselves decades ago allows them to avoid such rules. As FOX6 discovered in a recent investigation, state lawmakers regularly delete emails, calendars, and other records that show who is influencing them and how they make decisions. “That means they can destroy records whenever […]

  • Big waves, temps in 20s did not stop hundreds from taking plunge into Lake Michigan

    MILWAUKEE — Hundreds of daring people braved temperatures in the mid 20s and gusting winds to take part in a New Year’s tradition in Milwaukee — a dash into Lake Michigan as part of the Polar Bear Club. This year brought something a little different. “We watch the, I’m not going to say ‘idiots,’ but the ones who love to jump in the water,” said Christopher Harris, spectator. If it’s true that only fools rush in, Kurt Paskewic said he […]

  • ‘Getting rough out there:’ Police issue warning after delivery drivers in Racine are robbed

    RACINE — Police on Monday, Dec. 31 sent out a warning after several restaurant delivery drivers in Racine were robbed. Three delivery driver robberies from three restaurants hit one family in a big way. “It goes through your mind. ‘What did I do wrong? What could I have done?’ But when it comes down to it, you just gotta say ‘forget it. It happened. You survived. You didn’t get shot or nothing,'” said Francis Fabio. Fabio and his wife are delivery […]

  • Inmate escapes from Felmers Chaney Correctional Center; his 6th escape in 25 years

    MILWAUKEE — A search is underway after a minimum-security inmate escaped from the Felmers Chaney Correctional Center in Milwaukee — and public records show this is not the first time for Clarence Saffold. Saffold, 50, has been in and out of the corrections system for more than 27 years. His most recent convictions are tied to a 2010 armed robbery in Milwaukee. A Department of Corrections spokesman said this latest escape is an active investigation. So he will not say when Saffold […]

  • Police: Employee theft ring broken up at Marshalls in Mequon

    MEQUON — Police are investigating an employee theft ring at the Marshalls store in Mequon. According to the Mequon Police Department, loss prevention officials contacted them regarding the employee theft ring after interviewing and identifying the suspects involved. Police said 10 employees were involved, and they have since been terminated. An estimated $6,200 was taken from the store over approximately two months. Police said the employees would take one item through checkout, and leave with several others they didn’t pay […]

  • Officials respond to fire at listed address of man facing 5 counts of arson, released on bond

    DELAVAN — A man charged with five counts of arson posted bond on Dec. 19, and on Christmas Day, Tuesday, Dec. 25, his own home was on fire. Town of Delavan police said it happened shortly before 9 a.m. at a home on Darlington Street. Arriving first responders found a fully-engulfed shed at the scene, which started the unattached garage on fire as well. The fire was extinguished, and police said an investigation revealed it was suspicious in nature. “Well, […]

  • ‘Suspicious circumstances:’ Garage fire spreads to home in South Milwaukee neighborhood

    SOUTH MILWAUKEE — A garage fire ended up spreading to a house on Elm Avenue in South Milwaukee early Monday, Dec. 24. Officials said they were dispatched to the home around 4:15 a.m. The fire was extinguished with the help from fire departments in other communities. “Around 3:30 this morning there started to be a lot of banging, and all of a sudden I heard my mom screaming, and she’s like ‘the garage is on fire!’ Got out here and you could see […]

  • ‘Very used to inmates:’ City of Waupun now home to convicted killer Chris Watts

    WAUPUN — A man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two children in Colorado is in a Wisconsin prison. Chris Watts confessed to the murders and was sentenced to five life sentences. He is now at Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun. Historian James Laird told FOX6 News in the mid-1800s, the people of Waupun traveled to Madison to ask lawmakers to put the state prison in their community. “I think it had something to do with money,” Laird said. […]

  • Extraordinary session changes could have open records implications

    MADISON — Included in a package of lame-duck legislation that would weaken Wisconsin’s incoming Democratic governor and attorney general is a measure that would allow state lawmakers to use more tax dollars in fights to keep government records secret. “We don’t know what government is up to, and they’re supposed to be working for us,” said April Barker, opens records attorney with Schott, Bublitz & Engel. The proposed legislation would give state lawmakers more power to hire their own attorneys […]

  • Lawmaker mulls bill to eliminate ‘invitation to corruption’ for Wisconsin state legislature

    WISCONSIN – More than 40 years ago, Wisconsin state lawmakers exempted themselves from the public records rules they wrote for other government agencies; now, a state senator is considering re-introducing legislation that would take away what he calls an “invitation to corruption.” “It’s fundamental to our state to have transparent and open government so people know what their elected officials are up to, who they’re working on behalf of, or in some cases who they’re not working on behalf of,” […]

  • ‘This is an invitation to corruption:’ Wisconsin state lawmakers exempt themselves from open records rules

    MADISON — State lawmakers are quick to call for transparency and open government, but a decades-old loophole in Wisconsin allows them to avoid the public records rules they wrote for other government agencies. “Sunshine laws exist and are necessary because of a natural human tendency to want to do things without an audience,” Schott, Bublitz, & Engel open records attorney April Barker said. “So the public records laws are there to counteract that tendency on the part of public officials.” […]

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