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  • ‘I don’t need a license:’ Deadly crashes often caused by drivers who have never been licensed

    MILWAUKEE — Tens of thousands of drivers are caught on Wisconsin roads every year without a valid driver’s license. A FOX6 investigation found almost nothing is done about it until someone dies. Terron Clayborn was ticketed for driving with a suspended or revoked license at least 31 times in 12 years — a string that ended in the death of a Milwaukee Department of Public Works employee. Only then was Clayborn charged with a crime. It’s a deadly pattern FOX6 […]

  • ‘It’s consuming us:’ Relatives of romance scam victim can’t stop him from sending money

    MILWAUKEE —  They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when it comes to online romance, there are also some dangerous sharks. Romance scams have become a billion-dollar international epidemic, and victims may be unwittingly helping organized criminals launder their money. Most crime victims go to the police for help, but not victims of a romantic fraud. They are often too embarrassed (or too invested in the fantasy) to talk about what’s going on, and that can […]

  • ‘You become a target:’ Wisconsin sports officials are blowing the whistle on harassment and assault

    RACINE — A string of recent outbursts caught on video has sports officials in Wisconsin on edge. Referees say the worst offenders aren’t even on the field. Fans have been harassing umpires and referees since the dawn of sports. But the men and women in zebra stripes say fan behavior is getting worse, sometimes even dangerous. And now, a national organization based right here in Wisconsin wants lawmakers to do something about it. Sometimes it’s the players. Other times, the […]

  • Sarah and Daniel Sheppard

    ‘Mommy’s back!’ Mother held in jail for contempt holds son after FOX6 investigation led to release

    RACINE COUNTY — A former Wisconsin mother held for nine months in a Racine County Jail is back with her 10-year-old son. A New Jersey judge said she’s a victim of domestic violence, but a Wisconsin judge held her in jail for contempt, until FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn asked one question that led to her release on April 25. Daniel Sheppard got a big surprise. “Mommy’s back!” said Sarah Sheppard. “Hi, Mommy!” said Daniel Sheppard. “Hi, baby bear!” said Sarah […]

  • ‘I can see my son again!’ Mom jailed 9 months for contempt is released after FOX6 Investigation

    RACINE — She calls it domestic violence… her ex-husband calls it kidnapping. A Wisconsin mom tells the FOX6 Investigators she will do whatever it takes to keep her son safe, even if that means sacrificing her personal freedom. A Racine County judge put Sarah Sheppard in jail last summer for refusing to bring her now 10-year-old son back to his father. For the past nine months, she sat there, without the right to a court-appointed attorney. It looked like she […]

  • Owner of Milwaukee health clinic to pay $4M to settle fraud claims

    MILWAUKEE — The owner of a Milwaukee mental health clinic will pay $4 million to settle fraud claims, but FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn shows us why questions remain about his connections to the clinic that replaced him. It’s been nearly two years since Acacia Mental Health closed its doors near 53rd and Fond du Lac. Friday, March 29, the government says it struck a deal to get millions of dollars back for taxpayers. Therapists who once worked at Acacia Mental […]

  • Nancy Evans sentenced to 9 months in HOC for role in death of inmate Terrill Thomas

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Nancy Evans to nine months in the House of Correction for her role in the inmate death of Terrill Thomas. Evans walked out of the courtroom on Friday — a free woman. Minutes earlier, Judge Joseph Wall sentenced the former commander of the Milwaukee County Jail to serve jail time of her own. Evans was convicted of felony misconduct in officer for lying to investigators about crucial evidence in the case of Terrill […]

  • ‘How do we pay people?:’ School district vows to ‘dissolve’ if voters refuse $11.5M tax increase

    EAGLE — It’s an ultimatum for voters — approve millions of dollars in new taxes, or your schools are going to close. In a pair of small Wisconsin villages, spring will decide the future. The Palmyra-Eagle Area School District is asking voters for $11.5 million over the next four years, in a district with a budget just over $12 million. “It’s not an insignificant amount of money,” said Lisa Schulist, an Eagle taxpayer and mother of four. It’s also part of […]

  • Grieving mother wants to know why drunk driver charged with killing her son is still driving

    LAKE GENEVA — He’s charged with driving drunk and killing his friend, but a Lake Geneva man still has a valid driver’s license. How can that be? Turns out, it could be another loophole in Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws. Deep in the Northwoods of Oneida County, Wisconsin, the roads can be narrow and treacherous. “Very winding, very thin. Only two lanes. A little bit hilly, definitely twisty,” said Sheila Lockwood, whose son, Austin Lockwood, was a passenger in a car […]

  • ‘We’re not a perfect organization:’ Inmate deaths lead to demise of hand-picked female warden

    MILWAUKEE — She rose to the top and came crashing down. Now the former commander of the Milwaukee County Jail is facing possible jail time of her own. FOX6 Investigators show you how a series of inmate deaths that happened on her watch led to Nancy Evans’ rapid demise. One death, in particular, cost the jail commander her job and left her a convicted felon. But an attorney for the families of inmates who died in custody says he was […]

  • ‘I feel better talking to my Lord:’ Holy Assumption Church honors law enforcement with special Mass

    WEST ALLIS — With the death of three Milwaukee police officers in eight months, some might be looking for answers during tough times. Holy Assumption Church in West Allis opened its doors Friday morning to anyone who wanted to help. Mass is a daily affair at Holy Assumption, so it’s not unusual to have service on a Friday morning. But when the news of Officer Matthew Rittner’s death broke, church leaders decided to move today’s service from the chapel to […]

  • ‘She absolutely should know better:’ Kenosha city leader in hot water over permits

    KENOSHA — If you want to fix up a house to sell for profit you have to get the proper permits.  Or do you? FOX6 Investigators show you how one couple made a tidy profit rehabbing houses with almost no record of the work at city hall. Holly Kangas says she and her husband were “a bit naive.”  They started flipping houses for profit in Kenosha five years ago. But we found almost no permits for the rehab work they […]

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