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  • Aldermen call for ‘itemized receipts’ from towing companies after FOX6 investigation

    MILWAUKEE – City officials want towing companies to turn over their receipts. But the towing industry says – not so fast! It all started with a FOX6 investigation. Now, what we caught on hidden camera could lead to a change in city ordinance. It was June 27, 2019, and the FOX6 Investigators were keeping watch over a parking lot on Milwaukee’s east side. According to public records obtained by FOX6, it is one of the most frequent targets of Always […]

  • ‘I think their license should be taken away:’ Vehicle owners fight back over tow company’s special fee

    MILWAUKEE —  A Milwaukee couple says a special fee one towing company is adding to almost every bill has to stop. The company charged extra for using special equipment to tow a car, but FOX6 Investigators’ hidden cameras suggest otherwise. Kevin Ryan might actually think it was funny if he wasn’t so upset about an email he and his wife, Karen Schmitting, got from Always Towing last month. “It was almost laughable,” Ryan said. “The company wants to take us […]

  • A dozen new laws to toughen drunk driving proposed in Madison

    MADISON — A group of state lawmakers want to get tougher on drunk drivers but they’re already facing an uphill challenge. The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety heard testimony on a dozen drunk driving bills on Wednesday, Sept. 4. However, the chairman of the committee has already said there’s one bill he will not support — the one that sets Wisconsin apart from every other state in America. “Please stop calling this a mistake. It’s not. It’s a choice,” said Dan […]

  • ‘We got taken:’ Special fee has towed drivers angry and city exploring action

    MILWAUKEE— It’s a special fee that has drivers especially angry, and a powerful city alderman exploring official action. The FOX6 Investigators learned some towing companies may be charging more than state law allows for hauling cars off of private property. If you are parked on private property without permission, towing companies have every right to haul your car away, but state law sets limits on how much they can charge. The FOX6 Investigators found some companies are testing the limits of […]

  • ‘It’s essentially junk:’ $7.5M bite mark settlement underscores national call for better forensic evidence

    MILWAUKEE — He spent 23 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Now, a Milwaukee man is finally getting justice for a conviction based on flawed evidence. His long-awaited day in court came amid a national effort to put forensic science on trial. For decades, television shows have conditioned people to believe that people can pinpoint a criminal suspect with a shoe print, tire mark, or a single strand of hair, and they can do it with […]

  • ‘How is that equal justice for all?’ Mother jailed for contempt highlights scarcity of civil legal aid

    RACINE — The U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to an attorney, but only if you’re accused of a crime. Efforts to extend that right to some civil cases have run into roadblocks in Madison. Whether it’s evictions or custody battles, divorce or domestic violence, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites are navigating the civil legal system on their own, but when a bipartisan effort to get more legal help for the poor died a quiet death, almost no one said […]

  • “We never have enough referees:” High schools are teaching student refs amid statewide shortage

    HARTLAND — A Wisconsin state referee’s group says veteran officials are quitting and fewer young people are signing up. And they say the number one reason is bad behavior by coaches and parents. FOX6 Investigators show you what some local schools are doing to try and round up new recruits. Another day, another video of adults behaving badly at youth sporting events. The most recent – a June 16th brawl in Colorado at a baseball game for 7-year-olds, after a […]

  • Dante James, Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her

    Police records show man arrested for homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle in Officer Her’s death

    MILWAUKEE — FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn spent the day Tuesday, June 18 digging into the background of the driver police said struck and killed off-duty Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her Tuesday morning near 60th and Capitol. Police records showed Dante James, 34, was arrested near the scene of the crash less than an hour after the crash happened — for homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. Witnesses said the driver of a Chevrolet Monte Carlo blew a red […]

  • ‘I don’t need a license:’ Deadly crashes often caused by drivers who have never been licensed

    MILWAUKEE — Tens of thousands of drivers are caught on Wisconsin roads every year without a valid driver’s license. A FOX6 investigation found almost nothing is done about it until someone dies. Terron Clayborn was ticketed for driving with a suspended or revoked license at least 31 times in 12 years — a string that ended in the death of a Milwaukee Department of Public Works employee. Only then was Clayborn charged with a crime. It’s a deadly pattern FOX6 […]

  • ‘It’s consuming us:’ Relatives of romance scam victim can’t stop him from sending money

    MILWAUKEE —  They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when it comes to online romance, there are also some dangerous sharks. Romance scams have become a billion-dollar international epidemic, and victims may be unwittingly helping organized criminals launder their money. Most crime victims go to the police for help, but not victims of a romantic fraud. They are often too embarrassed (or too invested in the fantasy) to talk about what’s going on, and that can […]

  • ‘You become a target:’ Wisconsin sports officials are blowing the whistle on harassment and assault

    RACINE — A string of recent outbursts caught on video has sports officials in Wisconsin on edge. Referees say the worst offenders aren’t even on the field. Fans have been harassing umpires and referees since the dawn of sports. But the men and women in zebra stripes say fan behavior is getting worse, sometimes even dangerous. And now, a national organization based right here in Wisconsin wants lawmakers to do something about it. Sometimes it’s the players. Other times, the […]

  • Sarah and Daniel Sheppard

    ‘Mommy’s back!’ Mother held in jail for contempt holds son after FOX6 investigation led to release

    RACINE COUNTY — A former Wisconsin mother held for nine months in a Racine County Jail is back with her 10-year-old son. A New Jersey judge said she’s a victim of domestic violence, but a Wisconsin judge held her in jail for contempt, until FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn asked one question that led to her release on April 25. Daniel Sheppard got a big surprise. “Mommy’s back!” said Sarah Sheppard. “Hi, Mommy!” said Daniel Sheppard. “Hi, baby bear!” said Sarah […]

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