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  • ‘It was just dropped, like it never happened:’ Child psychiatrist still practicing after psychotic episode

    MEQUON — A Wisconsin psychiatrist pleaded insanity, and the court agreed, so how is she still practicing? Her doctors blame a rare medical condition for a “one-time” incident that frightened three young children. In the spring of 2011, a mother took her three young children to a Naples, Florida beach, where a mentally unstable stranger mistook the children for her own. “The woman was yelling ‘these are my kids. Jesus, these are my kids!'” said Ashli Minor, the mother of […]

  • Alleged fake Marine is AWOL again, the week before his trial: ‘If he was innocent, he would’ve came’

    WEST ALLIS — The fake Marine is AWOL again. A West Allis man charged with lying about his military service was supposed to go to trial next week, but there’s a warrant for his arrest instead. It has been nearly two years since the FOX6 Investigators first exposed John Hemphill as a phony Marine. “Why would you be telling people that you’re a disabled, retired Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan?” FOX6’s Bryan Polcyn asked Hemphill. The trial was […]

  • Man who shot, killed Milwaukee police officer no stranger to the law

    MILWAUKEE — The man accused of killing Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Michalski did not get out of prison early after all. Jonathan Copeland Jr.’s back-to-back felony convictions in 2006 and 2008, led to a complicated prison sentence. When Copeland was 18 years old, he was convicted of armed robbery after a masked home invasion at a now-abandoned home on North 51st Street. He served a little more than a year in prison. Within months of his release, the man known by […]

  • ‘A threat to Milwaukee:’ Suspect who killed MPD officer received 1st armed robbery conviction at 15

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales on Thursday, July 26 identified the suspect accused of fatally shooting a veteran police officer near 28th and Wright on Wednesday evening. FOX6 News has learned the officer-involved shooting wasn’t the first dramatic encounter between police and Jonathan Copeland Jr. Copeland’s first armed robbery conviction came at the age of 15, and he hasn’t stopped terrorizing the community since. FOX6’s investigation has found when police come to get him, he doesn’t go easily. […]

  • ‘It just doesn’t make sense:’ State senator questions explosion in tax incentives during real estate boom

    PORT WASHINGTON — The real estate economy in Wisconsin is hot. So why are taxpayers paying the price? A FOX6 investigation finds it’s all because of something called ‘tax increment financing‘ — or TIF for short. “It’s a taxpayer subsidy of a real estate development,” said State Senator Duey Stroebel, a Saukville Republican who is a realtor by trade. TIF-funded projects are helping cities, towns and villages across Wisconsin to re-invent themselves with new luxury apartments, town homes, condominiums, music […]

  • ‘This can’t keep on:’ Short prison stays do little to deter the most persistent drunk drivers

    MILWAUKEE— Most people caught driving drunk once never do it again.  But some just can’t seem to stop. FOX6 Investigators got a tip that  a habitual drunk driver was headed back to the bar. Nick Rankovich was already charged with his 7th drunk driving offense when an anonymous source told FOX 6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn where and when he could be found drinking and driving again. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones who got the heads up. The 60-year-old […]

  • Cracking concrete and ‘deferred’ construction led to this year’s Marquette Interchange ramp closures

    MILWAUKEE — In any given summer, there are two things you’re sure to find in abundance — festivals and construction. This year, drivers have encountered closures in and around the Marquette Interchange. It cost more than $800-million dollars to build and is just ten years old. So, many drivers are wondering why is it under construction again? The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says the work on and near the Marquette Interchange ramps is actually two projects going on at the […]

  • ‘Vindicated:’ Wisconsin Supreme Court orders Marquette University to give suspended professor his job back

    MILWAUKEE — The Wisconsin Supreme Court is ordering Marquette University to give a suspended professor his job back. “That feels very good. My case has finally been vindicated,” John McAdam McAdams said Friday, July 6. It’s been nearly four years — seven semesters — since John McAdams taught a political science course at Marquette University. “It’s frustrating. I don’t like being out of the classroom. I like teaching,” McAdams said. McAdams was suspended in 2014 for a blog post that criticized […]

  • A Heimlich alternative? Wisconsin medical experts say anti-choking device needs more testing

    FENNIMORE — It’s ‘the Heimlich in a machine.’  That’s how a New York inventor describes a suction device that he designed to save lives. It’s called the LifeVac. The anti-choking apparatus was patterned after a sink plunger. The man who invented it says it could save at least some of the 5,000 lives lost in America every year to choking. The FOX6 Investigators found emergency medical experts in Wisconsin are approaching those claims with caution. As the Bruegmann’s gather for a […]

  • Wisconsin doctor’s drunk driving history follows her to Texas

    CHRISTI, Texas — It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that drinking and driving don’t mix, but that didn’t stop a former Wisconsin neurosurgeon from driving drunk again and again. FOX6 Investigators show you why the surgeon’s criminal history is catching up with her… again. Patients and relatives of those treated by Dr. Melissa Macias tell the FOX6 Investigators, one thing is clear. “Something is not right with that doctor,” said Rose Deleon, daughter of a patient who […]

  • ‘This is urgent:’ Lawmaker looks to change first aid training in Wisconsin schools after FOX6 Investigation

    MILWAUKEE — A 9-year-old boy choked to death in a school cafeteria. Now, one Wisconsin Assemblyman is working on a plan to make sure it never happens again. It’s a story many have heard time and time again. Someone is choking and someone else steps up to be the hero. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end that way. Mark Megna’s son, Sam, died last summer after choking on a home-packed lunch in a Milwaukee Public Schools’ cafeteria. “He meant everything to me, […]

  • ‘We take care of each other:’ Shipmates step up to help discharged Navy vet with massive debt

    TOWN OF WILSON — Mental illness cost him his career and the government’s been taking his money ever since. Now, a Sheboygan County Navy vet is getting help from his former shipmates. The outpouring of support for Nate Duszynski has come from across the country — from Charleston to San Diego and places in between — from those who some remember as ‘Chief D.’ “I haven’t heard that in a long time,” Duszynski said on the front porch of his […]