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  • ‘It’s sad:’ Dementia leads to dropped charge against caregiver accused of stealing $17K

    FRANKLIN — Stealing from the elderly is a growing problem across Wisconsin, and the FOX6 Investigators found caregivers suspected of financially abusing their elderly clients sometimes go unpunished. Franklin police said they had a “tight case” against a personal care worker accused of fraud, until something happened that derailed it. It is something millions of Americans face that makes them especially vulnerable to financial exploitation. When Grace Rutkowski arrived to chat with Franklin police in summer 2018, she still had […]

  • ‘I thought we’d slayed the dragon:’ Legal settlement leaves amputee drivers feeling singled out

    WAUKESHA — If you had to take a driver’s test again like you did when you were a teenager, do you think you’d pass? Due to a recent change in state regulations, thousands of Wisconsin amputees are facing a question that could put their driver’s license at risk. If you think you have a good excuse to workout, Fritz Rudy may convince you otherwise. “I do more now than I ever did before,” Rudy said. The U.S. Army veteran and […]

  • Committee approves submission of towing receipts ‘to ensure that people aren’t being scammed’

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee’s Public Safety and Health Committee wants more transparency from towing companies when they perform so-called “non-consensual” tows of unauthorized vehicles off of private property. The proposal approved Thursday, Oct. 24 met some resistance from a handful of local towing companies, which prompted a series of delays. Committee Chairman Bob Donovan held up the legislation at the past two meetings to give the city time to meet with towing companies and hear their objections. This time, he called […]

  • Cold case solved: Killer in 1984 Ozaukee County homicide ID’d through ‘genetic genealogy’

    OZAUKEE COUNTY — A 1984 cold case homicide just south of Saukville is finally solved thanks to an emerging area of forensic science. The Ozaukee County Sheriffs Office announced on Tuesday, Oct. 22 that open-source DNA databases helped lead them to the killer. When 18-year-old Traci Hammerberg was found raped and beaten to death in a snow-covered driveway south of Saukville, Ronald Reagan was president, Lynn Dickey was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, and Jim Johnson was serving […]

  • Eric Labahn, Austin Lockwood

    ‘It’s something, but it’s not enough:’ 3-year sentence for OWI death highlights call for 5-year minimum

    RHINELANDER — He was convicted in a fatal drunk-driving crash, but did the punishment fit the crime? The FOX6 Investigators followed one man’s road to justice and found some who said the price for taking a life is too low. When a drunk driver is sentenced for killing one of his own friends, there are no winners. The parade of family members of both of the drunk driver and the young man he killed was evidence of that at the […]

  • Controversial Milwaukee towing company is ‘off the hook,’ at least for now

    MILWAUKEE — A controversial towing company is off the hook — at least for now. A call to revoke the company’s license has been withdrawn — and a proposed new ordinance is being delayed. “It will be an uphill battle,” said Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy. Murphy wants more transparency from towing companies in Milwaukee. “Because in my opinion, there are abuses going on,” Murphy said. But once again, Murphy will have to wait to get it. On Thursday, Oct. 3, […]

  • Drunk driving

    ‘What is my daughter’s life worth?’ Cost cited in demise of bill to make 1st OWI criminal

    MADISON — Driving drunk is not only dangerous, it’s against the law, but should it be a crime? There are at least two groups who do not want drunk drivers to be labeled as criminals. One has been a powerful force in state politics for generations. The other is a newcomer. They have different motivations, but a common goal — to keep Wisconsin from doing what 49 other states did a long time ago. A new driver and a first-time […]

  • Drunk driving

    ‘It would change the culture:’ Attempt to criminalize 1st offense OWI faces uphill battle

    MADISON — Driving drunk or on drugs is dangerous. Sometimes, it’s deadly. But should it be a crime the first time you get caught? Every state in America says yes — except one. Trying to cut down on drunk driving in Wisconsin seems to be an exercise in small, wobbly steps. For years, state lawmakers have tried to chip away at the problem. They’ve introduced dozens of bills over the past 10 years aimed at getting tougher on drunk driving. […]

  • Aldermen call for ‘itemized receipts’ from towing companies after FOX6 investigation

    MILWAUKEE – City officials want towing companies to turn over their receipts. But the towing industry says – not so fast! It all started with a FOX6 investigation. Now, what we caught on hidden camera could lead to a change in city ordinance. It was June 27, 2019, and the FOX6 Investigators were keeping watch over a parking lot on Milwaukee’s east side. According to public records obtained by FOX6, it is one of the most frequent targets of Always […]

  • ‘I think their license should be taken away:’ Vehicle owners fight back over tow company’s special fee

    MILWAUKEE —  A Milwaukee couple says a special fee one towing company is adding to almost every bill has to stop. The company charged extra for using special equipment to tow a car, but FOX6 Investigators’ hidden cameras suggest otherwise. Kevin Ryan might actually think it was funny if he wasn’t so upset about an email he and his wife, Karen Schmitting, got from Always Towing last month. “It was almost laughable,” Ryan said. “The company wants to take us […]

  • A dozen new laws to toughen drunk driving proposed in Madison

    MADISON — A group of state lawmakers want to get tougher on drunk drivers but they’re already facing an uphill challenge. The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety heard testimony on a dozen drunk driving bills on Wednesday, Sept. 4. However, the chairman of the committee has already said there’s one bill he will not support — the one that sets Wisconsin apart from every other state in America. “Please stop calling this a mistake. It’s not. It’s a choice,” said Dan […]

  • ‘We got taken:’ Special fee has towed drivers angry and city exploring action

    MILWAUKEE— It’s a special fee that has drivers especially angry, and a powerful city alderman exploring official action. The FOX6 Investigators learned some towing companies may be charging more than state law allows for hauling cars off of private property. If you are parked on private property without permission, towing companies have every right to haul your car away, but state law sets limits on how much they can charge. The FOX6 Investigators found some companies are testing the limits of […]

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