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  • Kidnapping suspect Jake Patterson worked with Jayme Closs’ parents for a day

    BARRON — The company that employed the slain parents of Jayme Closs, a Wisconsin teen who was kidnapped, says the man accused in the attack worked at the plant for one day nearly three years ago. The home from which Jayme escaped in the Town of Gordon on Thursday, Jan. 10 has been owned for years by Patrick Patterson, the father of Jake Patterson — the suspect in Jayme’s disappearance. Jake Patterson is a 21-year-old unemployed graduate of Northwood School in […]

  • ‘Seems fair to recommend:’ State EMS doc approves anti-choking device as backup option

    MADISON — A top state health official is giving emergency workers the green light use a new anti-choking device. The inventor said his design was inspired by a sink plunger, but FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn found one big question remains about Lifevac. In the field of emergency medicine, it’s not often something entirely new comes along. “It may be a terrific device. We just don’t know,” said Marc Cohen, executive director of the Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services Association (WEMSA). It’s […]

  • ‘Basically, he lost his job:’ Guard who battered youth inmate gets probation as new videos surface

    MILWAUKEE — Losing his job was punishment enough. That’s what a Milwaukee County judge said about the correctional officer caught on camera abusing a juvenile inmate. The FOX6 Investigators discovered it took nearly three years to convict the guard, and the judge was reluctant to punish him at all. It’s impossible to tell what a 16-year-old boy may have said that prompted a juvenile correctional officer to unleash a fury of fists. “My client is making claims that Mr. Parks […]

  • ‘It’s disturbing:’ Private contractor caught skipping work and misusing city equipment

    MILWAUKEE — Millions of Americans work at home.  Most of them are actually supposed to be there. The FOX6 Investigators found one man working at home day after day, when he was supposed to be working at a Milwaukee housing development instead. Our investigation started with an anonymous tip, and ended with a man losing his job, but what we found in between those events raises questions about a private company you pay to manage a public property. The tip came […]

  • ‘It hasn’t been approved:’ Clinic selling stem cell injections has doctors with troubled history

    OCONOMOWOC — Doctors at a Milwaukee area medical clinic are using stem cells to reverse the causes of joint point pain — and they say they can turn back time on your aching body — but does stem cell therapy really work? The FOX6 Investigators found researchers and regulators are urging caution. Stem cells have come a long way since they were first discovered at the University of Wisconsin 20 years ago. Researchers say they could one day be used […]

  • ‘Staggering numbers:’ Wisconsin schools seek $1.4 billion in fall referendums

    WAUWATOSA — When polls open Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters in dozens of Wisconsin school districts will face one basic question: Should your school district raise taxes above state-imposed limits? Sixty-one school districts have a total of 82 referendums on Tuesday’s ballot. That’s a state record for a single election. The potential tax impact is well over $1 billion. Why are there so many school referendums? It’s a politically-loaded question that, researchers say, may have a less-than-political answer. When it comes […]

  • Chris Abele says Milwaukee County is ‘running out of revenue options’

    MILWAUKEE — There’s no wheel tax — and no parking meters in county parks, but Milwaukee County would hike zoo admission and other fees as part of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s recommended 2019 budget. Abele told the board on Monday, Oct. 1 they are “running out of revenue options.” “You can get more efficient to a point, but nobody’s a magician,” Abele said. Abele presented his 2019 budget plan to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors on Monday morning. […]

  • ‘It was just dropped, like it never happened:’ Child psychiatrist still practicing after psychotic episode

    MEQUON — A Wisconsin psychiatrist pleaded insanity, and the court agreed, so how is she still practicing? Her doctors blame a rare medical condition for a “one-time” incident that frightened three young children. In the spring of 2011, a mother took her three young children to a Naples, Florida beach, where a mentally unstable stranger mistook the children for her own. “The woman was yelling ‘these are my kids. Jesus, these are my kids!'” said Ashli Minor, the mother of […]

  • Alleged fake Marine is AWOL again, the week before his trial: ‘If he was innocent, he would’ve came’

    WEST ALLIS — The fake Marine is AWOL again. A West Allis man charged with lying about his military service was supposed to go to trial next week, but there’s a warrant for his arrest instead. It has been nearly two years since the FOX6 Investigators first exposed John Hemphill as a phony Marine. “Why would you be telling people that you’re a disabled, retired Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan?” FOX6’s Bryan Polcyn asked Hemphill. The trial was […]

  • Man who shot, killed Milwaukee police officer no stranger to the law

    MILWAUKEE — The man accused of killing Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Michalski did not get out of prison early after all. Jonathan Copeland Jr.’s back-to-back felony convictions in 2006 and 2008, led to a complicated prison sentence. When Copeland was 18 years old, he was convicted of armed robbery after a masked home invasion at a now-abandoned home on North 51st Street. He served a little more than a year in prison. Within months of his release, the man known by […]

  • ‘A threat to Milwaukee:’ Suspect who killed MPD officer received 1st armed robbery conviction at 15

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales on Thursday, July 26 identified the suspect accused of fatally shooting a veteran police officer near 28th and Wright on Wednesday evening. FOX6 News has learned the officer-involved shooting wasn’t the first dramatic encounter between police and Jonathan Copeland Jr. Copeland’s first armed robbery conviction came at the age of 15, and he hasn’t stopped terrorizing the community since. FOX6’s investigation has found when police come to get him, he doesn’t go easily. […]

  • ‘It just doesn’t make sense:’ State senator questions explosion in tax incentives during real estate boom

    PORT WASHINGTON — The real estate economy in Wisconsin is hot. So why are taxpayers paying the price? A FOX6 investigation finds it’s all because of something called ‘tax increment financing‘ — or TIF for short. “It’s a taxpayer subsidy of a real estate development,” said State Senator Duey Stroebel, a Saukville Republican who is a realtor by trade. TIF-funded projects are helping cities, towns and villages across Wisconsin to re-invent themselves with new luxury apartments, town homes, condominiums, music […]