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Thanks for clicking on me! I joined the FOX6 Weather Team in September, 2019. I’m so excited to be back in the Midwest and closer to home. I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and went to school at Iowa State. Yes, lets get this out of the way. I am a Vikings fan. BUT I am in general just a huge sports guy — and more than anything RESPECT all teams just some more than others…

I previously worked in Des Moines, Iowa and most recently in Tyler, Texas where I’ve seen all kinds of weather firsthand from hurricanes to tornadoes. I nerd out in any severe weather circumstance. But there is no weather I enjoy more than upper 70s and sunny skies.

I already mentioned sports. But I follow everything from college to the pros. Football, basketball, and baseball are my bread and butter but I like hockey as well. Most of all I love the outdoors. Camping, hiking, snow skiing, water skiing, and in general being active is just the way I’ve always been. In my life I’ve been to more than 25 national parks and hopefully by the time I kick the bucket I’ve been to them all.

I’ve got a cat named Coors who you’ll see every once in a while on my social media and all other kinds of random posts and if you want feel free to follow! I’m so excited to be in Milwaukee!

Recent Articles
  • Round robin spotted living its best life in Wisconsin

    COTTAGE GROVE, Wis.  — Here’s something that might brighten up your day! In a wildlife photography Facebook group, one picture is becoming quite popular. Although this robin might appear quite obese, many people on the page pointed out it’s likely ready to lay eggs. The photo was taken in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin just east of Madison by Laura A. Although many robins migrate and are an early sign of spring, some do actually stay in Wisconsin year-round. It still might […]

  • 1st severe weather threat of 2020 moves in on Thursday, March 19

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Our first decent threat of severe weather in 2020 moves in Thursday, March 19 mainly in the afternoon. Isolated strong to severe storms are possible that can produce damaging winds, hail, and even a brief tornado. Please stay weather aware as these storms develop. Most of southeast Wisconsin is included in a slight risk at this time. But this is subject to change as we approach Thursday. Skyvision Plus has the strongest storms firing up in the […]

  • 2 tornado warnings issued in Hawaii on Tuesday, 1st for state in over a decade

    HAWAII — The meteorology world saw something Tuesday, March 17 that hasn’t occurred in over 4,000 days. Two tornado warnings over a small portion of Hawaii. Fortunately, there were no people in danger over this area but goes to show tornadoes are possible just about anywhere in the United States. Surprisingly the weather office that’s had the longest drought in tornado-warned storms is in Eureka, California. It’s been over 17 years since the last tornado-warned storm moved through that region. […]

  • Huge snowstorm in California could make up for abysmal snow season in Sierra Nevada Mountains

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — The Sierra Nevada mountain range in eastern California is once again having a down year for snowfall but that’s about to change after this weekend. Two to four feet of snowfall is expected at higher elevations with isolated spots having the potential of over five feet when this system is all over. By comparison, Milwaukee averages roughly four feet of snow for an entire year — and the Sierra Nevadas will get that over the next […]

  • Next chance of 60-degree temps returns by end of next week

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — This weekend we’ll get a reality check when it comes to March temperatures, but we do look to rebound by the end of next week. Our next system approaches Friday, March 20 — swinging up southern winds and much warmer weather. We have a shot at 60 degrees, but the upper 50s at this point are more likely. We have been spoiled the last few weekends with not just warm weather but also sunshine to go along […]

  • Spring is arriving earlier across much of the US, but not so much in Wisconsin

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — After a very mild winter in Wisconsin, our meteorological spring has already gotten off to a warm start. March and April are big transition months, where extreme variations in temperatures are likely, but how does it differ from just 30 years ago? Surprisingly, our leaf emergence change in Milwaukee hasn’t been that drastic compared to other parts of the country, according to the National Phenology Network. The most drastic change in spring growth has come in the […]

  • 1 of the warmest winters on record: Has Milwaukee seen its last snow of the season?

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — The odds we see measurable snowfall from now until June 1 in Milwaukee is 98.8%. You might be thinking, no duh, this is Wisconsin. We can get snow almost year-round! You’re not wrong, but diving into historical data, there’s more to unpack here. Based on 82 years of recorded data at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, there’s only one year on record we didn’t receive measurable snowfall after March, and that was 1945. That was back in the […]

  • 3+ feet of snow for parts of New York this week, but what’s required to make this happen?

    NEW YORK — Upstate New York is seeing perfect lake effect snow conditions this week leading to some areas getting over three feet of snow by Saturday, Feb. 28. This portion of New York along with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan average some of the most snow in the entire country but a few factors have to come together to make that possible. The first ingredient needed is wind but it’s important where it’s coming from. A prevailing northwest wind […]

  • Wisconsin was one of the coldest regions in entire lower 48 Friday morning

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Wisconsin is waking up Friday, Feb. 21 as one of the coldest regions in the entire lower 48s with nobody above 20°. Central parts of the state got down into the single digits while most on the coast stayed in the low teens. If anything, this points out how mild of a winter it’s been for the entire nation. Once we rise above freezing this Friday afternoon, Feb. 21 that will end our second-longest stretch of below […]

  • Massive thunderstorms: Rain finally returning to areas of Australia ravaged by wildfires

    AUSTRALIA — While hundreds of fires rage on all across Australia recent rains is a welcomed sight. Many regions in the Northern Territory and Queensland are forecasted to see 5+ inches of rainfall in the next week. Videos shared all over social media of massive thunderstorms returning to Sydney and other locations that have seen incredible rainfall deficits since the start of 2019.  This linked together with the current forecast gives hope of a rainier pattern soon to come. View […]

  • Areas in North Carolina set to get 6+ inches of snow only a week after being 80°F

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Since Dec. 1, 2019 Milwaukee has seen 10″ less snow than average and a big reason is we haven’t had a single storm drop more than 6″ at one time. While southeast Wisconsin has lacked major snow events this season a large portion of North Carolina is about to get hammered with some areas getting over 7″ by Friday night, Feb. 21. It’s important to note much of the state of North Carolina is seeing it’s earliest […]

  • North America was the coldest region in the world Friday morning and we got a taste of it

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Milwaukee and just about all of SE Wisconsin fell bellow 0°F Friday morning, Feb. 14 for the first time in just under a year. The last time we were even close to below-zero was March 4, 2019. Since 1938 the average number of times Milwaukee falls below zero is just under 11 per winter. This season we’re at one. It has been very mild, to say the least. How did last year measure up? Although we hit […]

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