Thanks for clicking on me! I joined the FOX6 Weather Team in September, 2019. I’m so excited to be back in the Midwest and closer to home. I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and went to school at Iowa State. Yes, lets get this out of the way. I am a Vikings fan. BUT I am in general just a huge sports guy — and more than anything RESPECT all teams just some more than others…

I previously worked in Des Moines, Iowa and most recently in Tyler, Texas where I’ve seen all kinds of weather firsthand from hurricanes to tornadoes. I nerd out in any severe weather circumstance. But there is no weather I enjoy more than upper 70s and sunny skies.

I already mentioned sports. But I follow everything from college to the pros. Football, basketball, and baseball are my bread and butter but I like hockey as well. Most of all I love the outdoors. Camping, hiking, snow skiing, water skiing, and in general being active is just the way I’ve always been. In my life I’ve been to more than 25 national parks and hopefully by the time I kick the bucket I’ve been to them all.

I’ve got a cat named Coors who you’ll see every once in a while on my social media and all other kinds of random posts and if you want feel free to follow! I’m so excited to be in Milwaukee!

Recent Articles
  • 1st shot of winter cold moves in next week with Polar Air Mass

    MILWAUKEE — This has already been a fall we’ll all remember thanks to our record Halloween snowfall, but now, it’s the cold’s turn. Our first widespread polar air mass of fall will push in by the weekend. This happens many times throughout fall and winter and has been popularized by the national media as a “Polar Vortex” but there is no reason to worry! It’s pretty typical for Wisconsin. It gets cold here! As this air mass moves south by […]

  • Snow forecast Oct. 30-31

    Another round of snow expected on Halloween, measurable amounts possible

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — We just got our first snow of the season but get ready for another round on Halloween! This time it looks like everyone will receive measurable amounts Thursday. SkyVision giving Burlington and Waukesha almost four inches and along the lakefront could get over an inch of snow. As we look ahead at the upper atmosphere it’s very promising why we’ll see more additional snow. The current low track is set to swing right to our South which […]

  • Photo gallery: Altostratus clouds, small sliver of sunshine make for beautiful morning sky

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Altostratus clouds and a small sliver of sunshine gave us some beautiful colors for the sunrise Thursday morning, Oct. 17. Thank you to all our amazing viewers for these photos! If you’d like to share your own, click the SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO button just below our gallery. PHOTO GALLERY

  • Snow potential and the coldest temps of fall move in Monday night 🌨️

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — The coldest weather of fall is well on its way and is set to arrive Monday night into Tuesday morning. The upper atmosphere will be cold enough to support frozen precipitation — but at the ground, southeast Wisconsin is right on the fringe to see snow. There is still a chance! It’s still possible on the back end of the cold front we could see snow for a short period. We could easily see mixed precip transition […]

  • Storms, wind will pick up strength Monday afternoon as widespread system blows in

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Storms and wind will continue to pick up strength Monday afternoon, Oct. 21 as a widespread system from Minnesota to Texas blows in. The main concern with these storms will be the winds generated by the tight pressure gradient. The cold front to our South is responsible for producing tornadoes near Dallas, Texas and up into Arkansas, fortunately, poses very little to no severe threat for Wisconsin. SkyVision’s futurecast has sustained wind speeds easily reaching over 30 […]

  • Winter forecast 2019: Wet and average temperature probability near the Great Lakes

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — NOAA just released their Winter 2019 forecast and it looks like much of the pattern we’ve seen this year will continue. Wet and average temperature probability near the Great Lakes. No area in the United States is favored to see below-average temperatures. The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration give these forecasts in probabilities for multiple reasons. After 7-10 days the accuracy and variability with model data are too great to give any kind of exact number forecasts. […]

  • Why we get fall colors

    WISCONSIN — Many areas up north have already reached their peak fall coloration and over the next couple weeks, southeast Wisconsin is next in line. But many factors come together to make these brilliant colors. To start leaves are green because of a pigment called Chlorophyll. Most leaves do contain other varieties of pigmentation but during the growing months of the year, Chlorophyll is what dominates visually. As daylight hours shorten and temperatures begin to fall trees naturally start to […]

  • Gusty winds continue to hammer southeast Wisconsin

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Gusty winds continue to be the top weather story across Wisconsin Wednesday, Oct. 16. Due to a low currently centered over Northern Michigan, there is a tight gradient of pressure right over the eastern portion of the state. The motion of air from high to low pressure is what gives us wind and today we have a lot of it! So far peak wind gusts have been measured over 35mph for many cities in southeast Wisconsin and […]

  • Get ready for the coldest temps since early May

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — Our first taste of winter is blowing through Wisconsin as temps continue to drop rapidly. We’re seeing a 50° temperature variation from Milwaukee to Denver that as we enter the weekend will cause our highs to plummet. This system is associated with a broad stretching cold front stretching from Minnesota all the way down to Texas. Hour by hour, our temps will continue to fall from the mid-60s to the low 40s by Friday night. These below-average […]

  • Flooding becoming more common but there is a solution

    WISCONSIN — Wisconsin started off the month of October with widespread flooding. Areas such as Green Bay have already set the record for having their wettest year ever according to the National Weather Service — and there are still two more months to go. Looking at annual rainfall averages for every state since 1950, it’s very noticeable that every single state east of the Rocky Mountains is seeing more rain per year. Wisconsin is seeing nearly 4″-6″ more on average […]

  • Expect warmer fall days in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE — On Sept. 30, we were 87°F for a high — but by the weekend we’ll be lucky to hit 50°F. Fall has been off to a weird start feeling more like summer and raining more like spring. Since 1970, our fall season is 3.6°F warmer. Walking down the street you wouldn’t notice the difference. But to vegetation and the animals that rely on it, this increase in average temperatures can have a dramatic impact. Longer lasting droughts and […]

  • Flood threats now seen for almost all major rivers in southern Wisconsin

    SOUTHERN WISCONSIN — Typically, we receive just over two-and-a-half inches of rain for the entire month of October — and many areas in southern Wisconsin have already crushed that. The highest rainfall totals have come from Fond du Lac, Dodge, Washington, and Ozaukee counties. All counties have at least one rain gauge reporting five inches or more. The heaviest belt of rain from Sheboygan to Madison is now flowing its way down south. It’s not coming as much of surprise […]

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