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It has always been my dream to bring people together for unique dining experiences. At my exclusive Culinary Studio, I invite guests to dine with me at my Chef’s Counter. It is this experience that I hope you will treasure as much as I do.

Throughout our meal, I encourage interaction from my guests as I prepare their meals in front of them. Why do I do this? I do it because I am passionate about sharing my love of the art of cooking with others. And, by the end of the evening, my guests have become my personal friends. Whether you choose to dine at my state-of-the-art cooking school or at the intimate and cozy IL MITO restaurant, your home away from home, you will be truly amazed.

At my Chef’s Counter/Culinary Studio, I offer a variety of classes. Whether the class is Regional Tour of the World, Food Flight & Beer or Wine Tasting, one-on-one hands-on sessions, corporate team-building events, private dinners or my competition-based Feker’s Food Fights, I promise you will leave with a smile on your face and a head bursting with information about the marriage of cooking, food and flavor … not to mention a very full and satisfied stomach!

My personal cooking style is to combine the chemistry of classical French cuisine with the ingredients of traditional Italian cuisine, resulting in delicious flavorful food. Before opening IL MITO here in Milwaukee, I owned and served as the Executive Chef at the critically acclaimed Los Angeles eateries also known as IL MITO. Before having the pleasure of opening my own restaurant, I attended the California Culinary Academy, after convincing my father that I was already a Chef, not a dentist! As part of my training I traveled around the world learning from the best chefs in each port! I was also very fortunate to spend time working at Harry’s Bar and Grill in San Francisco, and Los Angeles restaurants Chianti Cucina, Locanda Veneta and Sostanza.

It is my hope that through this blog I can share my passion and my love for food and cooking with you. Please write me and let me know what you’d like to hear from me and how I can help inspire you in the kitchen. I will share many recipes and cooking ideas with you here on a regular basis.

Recent Articles
  • IL Mito’s Grilled Amberjack

    Looking to grill out for Father’s Day? Chef Feker joins Wake Up to grill IL Mito’s Father’s Day special, Amberjack.  

  • IL Mito’s Bloody Mary Marinated Beef

    Chef Feker joins Wake Up to prepare Bloody Mary Marinated Beef. Yield: 4 servings INGREDIENTS Beef o 4 New York Strip steaks (or beef cut of your choice) Bloody Mary marinade ingredients o 3 tablespoons lemon juice o 1 cup Bloody Mary mix o I cup of vodka or 1 cup vegetable broth o 2 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce o 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper o 1 tablespoon of celery salt Directions o Mix all of the above ingredients and pour […]

  • IL MITO’s grilled seasonal vegetables and chicken

    With the weather getting warmer, more grills are being used. This recipe is fresh and healthy.

  • IL Mito’s Blackened Mako

    If you’re grilling out and tired of the regular hamburgers and brats, try this recipe. Chef Feker joins Wake Up to prepare Blackened Mako with Grilled Vegetable Salsa. Chef Michael Feker’s Blackened Mako with Grilled Vegetable Salsa Serves 4 Ingredients • 4, 6-8 oz Mako fillets • 2 Tbsp Unsalted Butter • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil • Sea Salt • Non-Stick or Cast Iron Pan for the Blackening Rub • 3 Tbsp all purpose flour • 1 Tbsp Smoked Paprika […]

  • IL Mito’s Grilled New York Strip

    With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to fire up the grill. Chef Feker joins Wake Up to help pick out the perfect steak to sizzle.

  • Chef Feker shares chicken picatta recipe

    If you’re getting bored with the same chicken breast routine for dinner, this recipe is for you! Chef Feker joins Wake Up to create Chicken Picatta.

  • IL Mito’s Baked Risotto Cakes

    Chef Feker joins Wake Up to prepare Baked Risotto Cakes.

  • IL Mito’s Gnocchi

    Chef Feker joins Wake Up to make gnocchi with fresh eggplant and mozzarella.

  • Chef Feker prepares Chicken Marsala

    Chef Feker joins Wake Up to prepare Chicken Marsala.

  • Chef Feker prepares chicken wrap

    Chef Feker joins Wake Up to prepare a chicken wrap. You will want this recipe.

  • Chef Feker prepares spring chicken stir fry

    Needing to use up some vegetables before they go bad? This dish is just for you. Chef Feker prepares spring chicken stir fry.

  • Chef Feker prepares a Sicilian Chicken Caponata

    Add a little Sicilian flair to your next chicken dish with some help from Chef Feker. He shows you how.  

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