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  • Hydrobiking is a new workout trend where you bike on open water

    SAN DIEGO — A new form of exercise taking California by storm is letting people ride bicycles out in the open ocean. The trend called “hydrobiking” is exactly like riding a land bike, except the hydrobikes float on water. Riding a hydrobike requires no experience or training. In fact, one could argue they’re safer than an actual bike because the stability is so strong and nearly impossible to tip. “One of the nice things is for people that are afraid […]

  • KFC is offering couples fully-catered wedding services

    AUSTRALIA — Make your wedding ceremony “finger licking good” with KFC catering. Brides and grooms in Australia can now let the colonel plan their wedding. The KFC-themed event features fresh signature fried chicken, decorations, a KFC celebrant, and a photo booth. If couples want to say “I do” to your true loves — fried chicken and your fiance — they have to act fast. The special wedding offer is only available to six select number of applicants getting married by […]

  • Bean Bag Onesie makes sure you can sit wherever

    There’s a new pair of pajamas that comes complete with a built-in seat. The “Bean Bag Onesie” is a P.J. set that has a bean bag chair sewn right to the back. The company behind the invention said now you can sit anywhere you want — plus it has a hood for extra comfort. The convenience of bringing your chair with you wherever you go may come at a cost. The Bean Bag Oneside is selling online for just under […]

  • Man photo-bombed girlfriend with engagement ring for a month without her knowing (PHOTOS: Edi Okoro/Facebook via FOX News Wire Service)

    Man photo-bombed girlfriend with engagement ring for a month without her knowing

    LONDON — Most people only get proposed to once, but a woman in the UK got more than a month’s worth of marriage requests. Edi Okoro knew he wanted to marry his girlfriend, Cally Read. He just didn’t know when to pop the question. Eventually, he took it one step further — taking pictures with the ring right in front of his unsuspecting girlfriend. Okoro said he knew Read would say, “Yes,” if she caught him in the act. The […]

  • Watch: Newlyweds share 1st dance with dog

    ARLINGTON, Va. — A Virginia couple celebrated National Dog Day in a special way. The two shared one of the most precious moments of their wedding with their best friend. “Eva,” the family dog, took part in their first dance. She was perfectly behaved, and even wore a bow tie for the big moment. Eva eventually stepped away and gave the newlyweds some alone time on the dance floor.

  • Connor and Christian (PHOTO: Courtney Coko Moore/Facebook via Fox News Wire Service)

    Boy comforts classmate with autism, overwhelmed on the 1st day of school

    WICHITA, Kan. — A second-grader from Wichita, Kansas has a new friend after coming to the aid of another in need. The start of a new school year can be stressful for many. 8-year-old Connor has autism, and was finding it difficult to adjust. He was crying by himself when another 8-year-old boy, Christian, came over to help. Christian’s mom captured photos as her son grabbed Connor’s hand, letting his classmate know it was going to be all right. Christian’s […]

  • Woman reels in fish with 2 mouths

    PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. — A woman out on a fishing trip reeled in  more than she bargained for. The trout she caught had not one, but two mouths. The unique catch happened out on Lake Champlain in Plattsburg, New York. It’s probably not related to the “Loch Ness Monster” but it sure isn’t your typical fish. The woman who pulled the creature from the deep says she released it back into the wild after making sure to take photographic evidence of […]

  • Bride promises to wear wedding dress for entire year to get her money’s worth

    ENGLAND — A newly-wed bride isn’t ready for the fun to be over just yet because she’s planning to wear her wedding dress for another whole year. Dawn Winfield-Hunt, of England, may have tied the knot on Aug. 3 but she is still wearing white. The bride says she plans to wear her bargain bought, $365 dress for a whole 365 days to get her money’s worth. Just a few weeks into her experiment, Winfield-Hunt has put a smile on […]

  • Watch: Wind sends dozens of air mattresses flying

    STAPLETON, Colo. — Dozens of air mattresses took flight in Denver. Some witnesses called it the “Great Mattress Migration of 2019” after dozens of mattresses were lifted into the air on Saturday, Aug. 17. Footage of the flight shows mattresses tumbling across a field as people desperately tried to grab them. The air mattresses were picked up by the Colorado wind after being set for Denver’s “Bed Cinema” — an event allowing you to lay in bed and watch a […]

  • Dog (Getty Images)

    Now hiring: Dog critic to review pet-friendly hotels

    DALLAS — If you love traveling with man’s best friend, your pooch may have the privilege of becoming a renowned hotel reviewer. Hotels.com wants to hire a dog to become a hotel critic. The travel website says the chosen pup will be tasked with reviewing pet-friendly hotels around the globe. View this post on Instagram Never not living my best robe life. @Dolly_Pawton x #CanineCritic A post shared by Hotels.com (@hotelsdotcom) on Aug 12, 2019 at 3:38am PDT Entering is […]

  • Barbie beams into new ‘Star Wars’ line

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Barbie is taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Ahead of the release of the next film in the “Star Wars” sage, Mattell is issuing a line of Barbie dolls inspired by the original 1977 “Stars Wars” movie. The three figures are available now for pre-order. They’re based on Princess Leia, Darth Vader and R2-D2. You can find the dolls for $100 a piece on Amazon. They’re expected to ship in November. Introducing the […]

  • Chase Bank (Getty Images)

    Chase Bank erases debt for Canadian credit card customers

    NEW YORK — Chase Bank is pulling out of the Canadian credit card market — and the company is taking customers’ debt with it. Canadians who had credit cards with Chase are breathing a sigh of relief after company officials said they would “forgive” all outstanding debt. Chase closed all credit card accounts in the country in March 2018. Originally, customers were told to continue paying their debt, but on Friday, Aug. 9, company officials confirmed the debts were canceled. […]

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