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  • 5-year-old boy brings crack cocaine to preschool

    PHILADELPHIA — A 5-year-old boy brought nearly two dozen Ziploc bags of crack cocaine to his preschool. Police say a teacher’s aide at the Saint Cyprian Children’s Center Preschool in Philadelphia, noticed that the child was acting strangely and suspected that a bag he had brought in was full of illegal drugs. The teacher’s aide immediately told an administrator who called police. When police arrived they found the boy with a clear plastic bag containing 22 purple Ziploc bags of […]

  • Gorillas make hilarious attempts to avoid rain at South Carolina zoo

    COLUMBIA, South Carolina — Gorillas and humans aren’t so different after all — especially when we find ourselves caught outside in the rain. A hilarious video from Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina shows the beautiful and majestic creatures scurrying to get out of the rain. With baby gorillas in tow, the female primates stay close to the wall, swiftly moving into a drier place. The male silver-back is seen patiently waiting for the mothers to go ahead […]

  • Watch: Beaver blows bubbles at the beach

    HARKERS ISLAND, N.C. — A beaver was caught taking it easy, relaxing in the ocean. The National Parks Service shared video of a beaver appearing to be extending its spring break beach vacation in Harkers Island, North Carolina. The little creature floating in the ocean was seen blowing bubbles on May 2, by the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Experts say the beaver’s beach trip is a rare occurrence, possibly caused by a storm drifting the animal off the mainland and […]

  • New research says babies born with big heads are likely to be smarter

    UNITED KINGDOM — If your child is born with a larger-than-average sized head, that might be a very good thing. Researchers in Great Britain studied about 500,000 people from ages 37-73, between 2006 and 2011. The study found that babies with a head circumference of 12.5 inches to 14 inches were more likely to be smarter when they grew up. Intelligence later in life was shown by achievements such as earning a college degree or scoring higher on verbal or […]

  • Walmart pet pharmacy

    Walmart launches online pet pharmacy; adding vet clinics in 100 stores

    BENTONVILLE, Ark. — In celebration of National Pet Month, Walmart on Tuesday, May 7 launched the company’s first online pet pharmacy. WalmartPetRX.com offers medications for delivery for your beloved animals. Customers can choose from more than 300 brands and get free, two-day shipping on orders costing more than $35. Walmart is also adding veterinary clinics to 100 stores that will offer pet exams, vaccinations, and treatment for minor illnesses. In a move targeted toward millennials, company officials said the services […]

  • Work stress (Getty Images)

    UN report: Work stress, excessive hours, overtime responsible for 2.8M deaths per year

    NEW YORK — Your job may be killing you — literally. A report from the United Nations showed stress from work, excessive hours and occupational disease are responsible for nearly 2.8 million deaths every year. Another 374 million people are either injured on the job, or get sick because of their jobs. The burden was particularly high for female workers. Often, the primary caregivers for families, female workers have little time to rest or exercise, and that can contribute to […]

  • Very supportive golden retriever cheers on Boston Marathon runners

    BOSTON — Spectators lined the 26-mile Boston Marathon route on Monday, April 15, to cheer on the runners. That included at least one with four legs. Meet Spencer. He’s the adorable spectator who stole so many hearts during the race. The pooch was decked out in his finest raincoat and Boston Strong signs. The golden retriever stood alongside the marathon route all to support racers as they went for the gold in the 123rd Boston Marathon.

  • Nintendo plans to release Super Mario games for phones

    REDMOND, Wa. — Super Mario will be zooming his way to your smartphone soon. Nintendo, the iconic video game company that created the infamous “Super Mario Bros.,” is bringing two Mario games to the smartphone platform. “Mario Kart Tour” and “Doctor Mario” will go mobile this summer. The company has long been concerned about releasing its properties into mobile markets but now, they say they’re ready. The moves comes as Nintendo’s stock fell about one-third over the past year. “Mario […]

  • ‘Mean Girls’ wine released to celebrate film’s 15th anniversary

    Calling all “Mean Girls” fans! Your next wine night is about to get even more “fetch.” Now, not only can you wear pink on Wednesdays, you can also drink it. Former “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett — aka “Aaron Samuels” — is launching a wine brand to celebrate the movie’s 15th anniversary. The two sweet blends are called “Wednesday Rose” and “I’m a Red, Duh.” The bottles are available online for $52 per pair.

  • World’s most expensive cookie is covered in gold

    NEW YORK — It’s a cookie lover’s dream but you have to fork over a bit of gold to get it. A 23-carat gold-leaf covered cookie is retailing for $1,000. The world’s most expensive cookie is the creation of cookie shop owner Sofia Demetriou, who launched “Duchess Cookies” last year. The red velvet cookie has ruby chocolate and is coated with 23,000 gold leafs. View this post on Instagram 😍 We are so honored to be setting cookie trends using […]

  • Watch: Goat tries to ride school bus, gets kicked off

    HEBER CITY, Utah — A cellphone video captured the heartwarming moment when a young goat tried to join other kids on a school bus headed for a Utah elementary school. It happened Tuesday morning, April 2, in Heber City, on a bus bound for Old Mill Elementary School. Megan Mcphie, who provided the video to FOX 13, said “Tango” the goat got onto the school bus, was removed and then jumped right back on. “This goat is the friendliest goat […]

  • Surveillance video captures man stealing entire rack of lottery tickets

    YUCAIPA, Calif. — Lottery fever sure took over a man who broke into a California liquor store. Video surveillance captured the man on his way to the counter, but it wasn’t the register he was after. He’s seen testing his luck and taking not one but a whole rack of lottery tickets. Surveillance caught the man cramming the tickets into his car window. Police recognized the man as 47-year-old Emiliano Javier Hernandez. Law enforcement say he was wanted for stealing […]

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