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  • ‘Tastes like chicken:’ Adventurous eaters unite at World Champion Squirrel Cookoff 🐿️

    BENTON COUNTY, Ark. — Chefs from around the world made their way to Arkansas Saturday, Sept. 8 for the eighth “World Champion Squirrel Cookoff.” At the Benton County Quail Barn in Bentonville, Arkansas, cooks battled it out, creating their version of the best squirrel dish. A panel of judges tasted some interesting flavors, including an Asian squirrel dish, squirrel tacos and even a Bloody Squirrel — a rendition of a Bloody Mary drink. At the end of the day, only […]

  • ‘We’re generating leaders:’ All Square grilled cheese restaurant employs, invests in ex-cons

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Nearly a dozen convicts are getting a second chance at life in Minnesota, serving grilled cheese to the masses. It’s all about doing things differently at “All Square” in Minneapolis. From their craft grilled cheese to the people they employ to make it, the workers and even some of the people on the board have been incarcerated. The goal is to change the way people think about those with a criminal background. Grilled cheese is one of […]

  • End of summer doggie dip raises money to turn shelter dogs into service dogs 🐶

    LITTLETON, Colo. — The dog days of summer came to a close Saturday, Sept. 8 with a canine pool party in Colorado, which raised money for a great cause. “This is total chaos! If you love a dog having a good time, this is the place to be,” said a dog lover. Stephanie Barres brought her dog Valli, pitching in $15 at the gate for a pool pass. The proceeds benefited Freedom Service Dogs of America. “So fundraisers like this […]

  • Report: September 9 is most popular birthdate in the United States 🎂🎁🎈

    MILWAUKEE — If you celebrate your birthday on Sept. 9, you’re probably not alone. A report from the Daily Viz says the most popular birthdate in the United States is Sept. 9. The report analyzed the average number of births per day, from 1994 through 2014. Some celebrities who celebrate birthdays on Sept. 9 include Adam Sandler and Hugh Grant. September is also reportedly the most common month for birthdays. Those celebrating in September were most likely conceived around the […]

  • Pluto may be a real planet after all, researchers say

    Pluto may still be considered a planet. Researchers from the University of Central Florida say the qualifications for being a planet are not supported in prior research. The International Astronomical Union defines a planet as something that “clears” its own orbit — meaning it’s “the largest gravitational force in its orbit.” In a study published in the “Icarus” journal, researchers from UCF say this requirement was published once before in 1802, but the standard has since been disproven. Researchers point out no […]

  • Professor breaks world record for tallest stack of tortillas

    INDIANA — An Indiana professor has set a new record. Not on academia but in the Guinness World Record books! University of Evansville Professor Mark Valenzuela made history this week with, believe it or not, the tallest stack of tortillas in the world. His stack of tortillas reaching 75 centimeters tall, breaking the previous record of 68.5 centimeters tall. How long did it take to stack all the savory griddlecakes? Two hours, which Valenzuela says was worth it. “It was […]

  • Latest food trend: Bubble waffle ice cream

    TEXAS/SOUTH MILWAUKEE — There are more food trends than you can count these days and the latest is adding some pop to your ice cream. One sweet creation that is becoming more popular in America, the bubble waffle ice cream! Bubble waffles have been a popular street food in Hong Kong for decades. One Texas chef has been working to perfect his recipe and is excited to share his treat with others. He explains what makes it a special treat. […]

  • Video: High-speed police chase ends in wild crash in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY — A police chase ending in a crash in Oklahoma City has left at least one person critically injured Thursday, Sept. 6. The suspect reportedly stole a vehicle and crashed into a power pole after leading police on a high speed chase. During the chase, an object was thrown from the suspect’s vehicle, and police believe it was a firearm that could be connected to a homicide.

  • Merriam-Webster adds more than 840 words to its dictionary

    Just in time for the start of school, Merriam-Webster has added over 840 new words to the dictionary. The new additions include technology-driven terms like “fintech” — which refers to digital technologies made for financial companies. “Force quit,” which can be used to close out of an app before restarting it. There’s “bougie” and “bingeable.” One new addition isn’t exactly a word, just a series of letters. “TL;DR” gives people an easier way to say “too long; didn’t read.” Merriam-Webster […]

  • Ballerina dress frozen by Dead Sea to go on display in museum

    ASIA — A new fashion design is inspired by the Dead Sea. An artist created a beautiful ballerina dress completely covered in crystals — looking like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The frozen fashion is not wearable but rather artwork. It was created by Israeli artist Sigalit Landau, who has used the high salinity in the Dead Sea to create a collection of frozen sculptures. The line also includes shoes as well as musical instruments. All her work […]

  • Wisconsin fire department captures touching moment as young boy salutes soldier’s statue

    LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. — Patriotism on full display in Wisconsin. Authorities in a town near Appleton came across an unexpected, touching sight while reviewing surveillance cameras. A young boy was caught saluting a solider statue in a memorial for first responders and veterans in Little Chute. A frame from the video was posted to Facebook on Thursday, Aug. 30 by the Little Chute Fire Department. “Respect is still alive in this great country of ours,” said the fire department. The boy’s identity and […]

  • American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all children ages 6 months and up should get flu shot ASAP

    MILWAUKEE — The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending all children who are 6 months of age and older should get a flu shot as soon as possible. The academy says a flu shot significantly reduces a child’s risk of severe illness and flu-related death. Officials issued a policy statement published online Monday, Sept. 3 in the journal “Pediatrics.” Dr. Flor Munoz said “the flu virus is common and unpredictable. It can cause serious complications, even in healthy children.” Munoz […]