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  • Contact 6 exposes the real cost of prescription medications

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — How much do you pay for your prescription drugs? Prescription medications cost millions to produce, and drug companies make billions in sales.  Have health insurance, and you’re probably paying a pretty low price for that 30-day supply.  But if you don’t have insurance, the real price of prescription drugs could cause your heart rate to go up! “[People will] be shocked. Not just amazed, they’ll be shocked,” Hashim Zaibak, the owner of Hayat Pharmacy in Milwaukee said. Zaibak says about […]

  • Contact 6 helps protect you from “grief scams”

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A death in the family is an incredibly emotional time and, of course, you want to honor the person with a good obituary.  But are you giving away too much information? It’s when you’re at your lowest.  Your most vulnerable.  The loss of a loved-one is one of our most difficult life moments, but for some, it’s an opportunity. Contact 6 spoke with a man who did not want to be identified, but says his grandmother – […]

  • Contact 6 investigates international shipping scam

    SAUKVILLE (WITI) — An international shipping scam targets a local business owner, costing him thousands and changing the way he does business forever. Greg Angeli runs a small appliance-parts shipping business and has gotten some strange orders lately. “I will be needing ten unit of the item for now,” Angeli says as he reads comments from a recent order.  “I’ll hope to get more next week.  Kindly get back to me with the total amount.” Besides the broken English, he’s […]

  • Online rental scam hits couple looking to move on a budget

    JACKSON (WITI) — A common rental scam cons a couple out of their dream of a new beginning, and this simple online trick seems to have no end. Heather Bloomfield and Fletcher Marron want to move from Milwaukee to Seattle.  They thought they had found the perfect rental online – instead, they were about to get duped. “We were trying to move on a budget,” Bloomfield says.  “And we found this house.  And it sounded great!” Photos of the house […]

  • Contact 6 warns viewers about car wrapping scam

    WAUKESHA (WITI) — Free money!  Sounds great, right?  One of FOX6’s viewers was offered a chance to drive her car for cash, but one thing she did made all the difference – and likely helped her avoid a monster of a problem. For 12 years, Patricia Przybylka has made a good living at her office.  But like most of us, she wouldn’t mind making a little more money. “There was an email from this gentleman asking me if i wanted […]

  • Contact 6 looks into limousine company’s strange behavior

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A mom just wanted to make her nine-year old daughter’s birthday special, but instead, she was taken for a ride. “I mean, I was so excited all day to see her face when that limo pulled up” Ann Gallo said. Gallo spent $88 on a discounted limo ride from the website,  The deal was for “Milwaukee Limousine, LLC” which, according to the Better Business Bureau, also uses the names “Milwaukee VIP Limo” and “VIP Limousine WI, […]

  • Is your cell phone telling strangers how to find you, your family?

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Parents and grandparents — a warning from Contact 6. Protecting your kids’ privacy may seem tougher than ever with today’s technology. But there is one thing you can do to help keep your family safe from people who want to find them. Leanne Hock documented her annual family vacation on her cell phone. “My iPhone takes such great pictures that we captured everything [on it],” Hock said, flipping through digital photos. Always concerned for her family’s safety, […]

  • Charity soliciting cash donations in WI ranked second worst in nation

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — If you get a call from a charity, asking for donations, FOX6’s Contact 6 says you may want to think twice before opening your wallet! A FOX6 viewer alerted Contact 6 to a charity she had never heard of, so Contact 6 did some digging, and found out where some of the donations you make are really going! Oncologist Chris Chitambar’s team is studying the exhausting effects of chemotherapy on women. “We’re trying to understand ways in […]

  • Contact 6: The importance of sunscreen

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Time to start thinking of ways to beat the summer heat!  But is one of those ways which sunscreen you’ll use this year? Skin cancer expert, Dr. Nanette Liegeois (M.D. Ph.D.) says people of all ages seem to let their sunscreen concerns slip! “People are often very slow to embrace adequate sun protection and they assume that a tan is healthy,” says Dr. Liegeois.  “However, it’s not healthy and it ends up causing melanoma.  And we’re seeing that […]

  • Contact 6: Putting Milwaukee-area mechanics to the test

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Some mechanics charge $100.  Others charge nothing.  So when that check engine light comes on, what will you pay to get it fixed? FOX6’s Contact 6 took a hidden camera into six car shops, and found the one device they use that could save you a lot of money! Pipes, parts, belts, fluids – vehicles are a mechanical maze to most of us. Expert mechanic, Dennis Girard, helps Contact 6 craft this test.  He puts the hood up […]

  • Contact 6 uses hidden camera to expose “Vacation Club” deals

    LAKE GENEVA/WEST ALLIS (WITI) — Wisconsin winters have a way making us long for better, brighter days. That’s what Joshua Hall was hoping for when he found out his girlfriend had randomly been chosen for a pretty nice prize! “[We] won a three day two night vacation. You just need to come and claim your prize,” Hall said. Josh and his girlfriend were pitched a vacation club membership from the Synergy Vacation Club in Lake Geneva.  The cost originally given to […]

  • Contact 6: Preventing cyber spying

    CUDAHY (WITI) — Look around you right now.  Do you have a camera or your laptop nearby?  How about your cell phone? If so, who’s watching you? You’ve seen so-called “nanny cams” showing awful abuse – evidence that people did the right thing by hooking up surveillance cameras to look over the ones they love.  But what if you never set up a camera and you had no idea that the ones you love are being watched? Nine-year-old Nicole plays on […]

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