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  • Contact 6 confirms Facebook could owe you money!

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s a $20 million settlement and you might be owed some of that cash. Several FOX6 viewers have asked Contact 6’s Katrina Cravy about an email going around saying there’s a class-action lawsuit against Facebook – that anyone with a Facebook account can get in on it and possibly be awarded some money. Nine times out of ten, when Contact 6 sees emails like this, they’re scams.  But this one is true. A settlement is in the works because […]

  • Contact 6 breaks down prepaid debit card “fever”

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Parents are spending billions of dollars on their teens every year and now, a pop star wants a piece of it! Prepaid debit cards are becoming more and more popular with parents.  It’s easy to load up just what you want your teen to spend, and the money is controlled.  But one card might really make you scream! Pop-star Justin Bieber is endorsing his own brand of debit card, called the “SpendSmart” card.  It’s geared toward young […]

  • Contact 6 warns seniors of “robocalls”

    MIlWAUKEE (WITI) — Questionable calls in the Milwaukee area are targeting senior citizens. Consumer Protection says the calls are automated from companies called “Senior Emergency Care,” “Senior Safety Alert” and “Senior Safe Alert” — trying to sell some kind of personal emergency alert system. READ THE FULL CONSUMER PROTECTION ALERT HERE The state says the calls are coming from Wisconsin area codes, but the company might actually be located out of state – misrepresenting themselves with a questionable product.  The calls also […]

  • Contact 6 investigates US-Telecom, Inc.’s imitation invoice

    MILWAUKEE — Looks can be deceiving. Susan Bach, from the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, looked closely at what appeared to be an invoice for $425 from a company called US-Telecom, Inc. “I’ve never heard of this company before,” Bach said.  “They’re asking for the terms to be paid within 30 days. Very deceiving.” The company offers new and refurbished phone systems and 24-hour maintenance agreements for those systems. It solicits business with a document that looks like an invoice. But when […]

  • Contact 6 has “insider” tips on being a smart shopper during the holidays

    GLENDALE – How much money will you spend this holiday? The urge to overspend is strong during the holidays, but FOX6’s Contact 6 has some insider secrets to make sure you’re being a smart consumer. Whether you’re a buy-in-advance holiday shopper or the last-minute type, spending money at this time of year can get out of control – fast!  Promises of big bargains and sweet sales draw consumers like no other time of the year. However, just because stores say […]

  • Contact 6 issues early warning about tax preparation scams

    MILWAUKEE – If you need fast cash before the holidays, make sure you double-check that loan application.  It might take a lot more than you’re hoping to get. Today, the building is abandoned and the phone number goes into a filled voice mail box – then disconnects you.  But less than a year ago, the Instant Tax Service near 81st and Appleton was the site of an angry exchange between taxpayers and office managers. Customers complained the business offered short-term loans, but […]

  • Contact 6: Putting a stop to text messaging scams

    MILWAUKEE – Ever get a text message saying you’ve won a free gift card to a big box store? FOX6’s Contact 6 says, beware! This is the time of year when everyone seems to be magically winning free gift cards to Best Buy, Target and Walmart.  A text message asks consumers to click a link to redeem a prize, and enter a PIN number or code to claim the card. However, the link leads to a form to fill out […]

  • Contact 6: Top Ten “Worst Toys” list of 2012 released

    MILWAUKEE — Every year, and advocacy group releases its list of the 10 worst toys for children. These are toys described by the group that have the “potential to seriously harm or kill children.” The list is put out by the group W.A.T.C.H. – World Against Toys Causing Harm. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE LIST OF “10 WORST TOYS” FOX6’s Contact 6 went to a Milwaukee-area big box store and found four of the toys listed in the report on store […]

  • Contact 6: Are you satisfied with your cell phone provider?

    MILWAUKEE — Cell phones, though they’re known as “smart” phones, can make users feel not-so-smart — when it comes to call quality and payment plans. “With smartphones, so many things have to be lined up perfectly for you to have a good experience. You have to have a good connection, your phone has to be fully charged, the apps have to work.  It’s a very complex device in and of itself,” Consumer Reports Senior Electronics Editor, Michael Gikas said. Consumer Reports […]

  • BBB offers “Giving Tuesday” tips

    MILWAUKEE — Tuesday, November 27th was “Giving Tuesday,” as millions donated to charities in honor of the holiday season. Following the massive spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is urging folks to spend a little extra to give back. A new website explains how to help over 2,000 charities across the country, but the BBB has also provided some tips in case a charity isn’t on the approved “Giving Tuesday” list. The BBB says […]

  • Contact 6: Are you getting what you paid for at the pump?

    MILWAUKEE — As if gas prices aren’t high enough – there is now something else to worry about at the pump! FOX6’s Contact 6 has learned state inspectors have found hundreds of gas stations not giving customers what they paid for at the pump! Contact 6 took three gas canisters and pumped unleaded gas at three stations on a list of the biggest offenders of what’s called “meter jump” and “meter creep.” “Meter jump” occurs when making a payment and selecting […]

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