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  • Open Record: Different puzzle pieces

    MILWAUKEE — For Eliza Ellis, life as she knew it ended two years ago when she had her first symptoms of a rare disorder, Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS). Insurance isn’t covering the treatment her doctor recommends. In this episode of Open Record, Jenna Sachs explains Ellis’ situation and reveals what happened during her interviews with Ellis. Bryan Polcyn and Amanda St. Hiliare join Sachs in breaking down what PANDAS is, why treatments can be difficult to get […]

  • ‘This is our collective garden:’ Milwaukee artist paints 4,500 square foot Westown mural in 3½ weeks

    MILWAUKEE — There’s a garden in downtown Milwaukee that will remain in bloom year round. It’s on Wisconsin Avenue. It’s called, “Westown in Bloom.” It was created by Milwaukee artist Emma Daisy Gertel. “Daisy has been really committed to west Wisconsin Avenue,” said Gabriel Yeager of Milwaukee Downtown Bid #21. “It just seemed like such an awesome opportunity to be a part of this community,” Gertel said. The mural project was announced in May. However, the selection process began long […]

  • Open Record: Blowing the whistle

    MILWAUKEE — Fans have been harassing umpires and referees since the dawn of sports. But, refs say fan behavior is getting worse and sometimes even dangerous. Oftentimes, the worst offenders, refs say, are parents. In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn, Jenna Sachs and Amanda St. Hilaire take an in-depth look at why this is happening and what can be done to curb the issue. Plus, the Open Record team reveals what happens when a reporter misses a deadline. […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: ESPN reporter and host shares what it takes to work at the network

    MILWAUKEE — During college football season, ESPN’s College GameDay visits campuses across the country. One woman at the center of all that action is Jen Lada. Lada, a former FOX6er, is now calling Milwaukee home and shares with Carl Deffenbaugh why it’s special to be back . She reveals why authenticity has been so important to her career and her approach to telling compelling and emotional feature stories. Plus, in the FOX6 pack of questions, Angelica Sanchez offers some great […]

  • Open Record: Options are shrinking

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Open Record, Amanda St. Hilaire returns. She joins Jenna Sachs and Bryan Polcyn to take an in-depth look at the child care dilemma in the state of Wisconsin including rising costs and fewer options for parents. Plus, the Open Record team reveals how they handle mean comments and why the comments Amanda and Jenna receive are different than the ones Bryan receives. Related show links: Need child care? Investigation shows Wisconsin families struggle with […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: GM of Fiserv Forum talks about big names that played venue

    MILWAUKEE — In August 2018, Fiserv Forum opened in downtown Milwaukee. Since then, it has become the hub for entertainment in the are bringing major acts and serving as home for the Milwaukee Bucks. And, the man running the show is Raj Saha. He’s the general manager at Fiserv Forum. Saha has opened arenas all around the world and has stories for days. He sits down with Carl Deffenbaugh to discuss how Fiserv Forum is trying to change the way […]

  • Open Record: Totally Unreliable

    MILWAUKEE — A missing tooth and flawed forensic science lead to a wrongful conviction. In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn and Jenna Sachs are joined by guest host Producer Pete to discuss the science of bite mark analysis. The team takes an in-depth look at a Milwaukee homicide case that landed an innocent man in jail for 24 years. Plus, the team reveals how they keep their stories balanced. Related show links: ‘It’s essentially junk:’ $7.5M bite mark […]

  • Open Record: Like winning the lottery

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Open Record, Jenna Sachs is joined by two guest hosts, Contact 6 Administrator Val Seiber and Executive Producer LeeAnn Watson. The trio make up the consumer advocacy unit at FOX6. They share the inside secrets of what Contact 6 does and how the majority of the work they do never makes it on television. Related show links: Contact 6 Complaint Form Subscribe to Open Record via RSS | iTunes | Spotify | Google Play | Stitcher|iHeartRadio Follow Bryan on social media: Facebook | Twitter Follow Jenna on […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: 1-on-1 with Rodney Ferguson, who has worked for Donald Trump

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh sits down with CEO and GM of Potawatomi Hotel and Casino, Rodney Ferguson. Ferguson has decades of experience in the gaming industry, but is actually a CPA by trade. He’s held numerous positions and was promoted to CEO of Potawatomi in 2017. During his conversation with Deffenbaugh, Ferguson reveals what it was like working for President Donald Trump in Atlantic City . When it comes to his current role, Ferguson […]

  • Open Record: The most surreal experience

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Open Record, FOX6 WakeUp anchor Carl Deffenbaugh joins as guest host to discuss his whirlwind experience living on board a U.S. Navy ship for 27 hours. Plus, the Open Record team reveals the most surreal experience they’ve had as a journalist. Related show links: On board the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower; one of the “most dynamic working environments” Wisconsin is well represented on USS Eisenhower; “Serving my country, to protect those that I love […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: Beth Weirick

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh sits down with Beth Weirick the CEO of Milwaukee Downtown. Milwaukee Downtown is the the organization behind Downtown Dining Week, the Holiday Lights Festival and so much more. Weirick is passionate about all Milwaukee has to offer. Deffenbaugh and Weirick discuss the dramatic changes she’s seen in more than two decades on the job, what’s turned downtown into such an enticing place to work and live, her favorite spots for […]

  • Open Record: Prepared for anything

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Open Record, Jenna Sachs and Bryan Polcyn are joined by chief photojournalist Andrew Konkle to discuss the unique places being a journalist takes you. Konkle reveals why he always has a shovel and a lunch box full of stickers. Polcyn explains why he spent a day in jail. And, Sachs shares her brief brush with superstar Sir Paul McCartney. Related show links: ‘Everyone is exhausted:’ Staffing ‘crisis’ at House of Correction drives surge in overtime […]

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