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  • Open Record: Interesting gray area

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Open Record, Amanda St. Hilaire explains how one man’s arrest uncovered issues with how police are trained to handle people with medical conditions. Jenna Sachs discusses the revival of hemp and the challenges growers, business owners and consumers face. Bryan Polcyn reveals his unconventional path to becoming an investigative journalist. Related show links: Man says police response to his seizure put him in the hospital, then in jail Industrial hemp is making a comeback in […]

  • Open Record: The trench coat

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn provides insight into an investigation that led to him talking with a prostitute. Jenna Sachs explains why not all consumer problems can be solved. Plus, Amanda St. Hilaire reveals her favorite story and how it helped her realize her path as an investigative reporter. During this episode, the Open Record team discusses human trafficking in Milwaukee and beyond. To learn more about anti-human trafficking initiatives, here’s some links: Wisconsin Anti-Human […]

  • Open Record: Trials and tribulations

    MILWAUKEE — In episode six of Open Record, Amanda St. Hilaire uncovers unique patterns in the ways kids are disciplined at school. Jenna Sachs gets real about the free trial industry. And, Bryan Polcyn reveals “all the secrets” when it comes to how their stories get scripted. Related show links: ‘We don’t live in that day and age anymore:’ Behavior that sent you to detention now likely to send your children to court Not always free: Investigation reveals free trial offers […]

  • Open Record: The point of absurdity

    MILWAUKEE — In this episode of “Open Record,” Bryan Polcyn explains the story behind an iconic moment known by many as “The Hip Check.” Then, Jenna Sachs gives more details about a rare moment where a contractor turned himself into authorities. Plus, do these reporters ad-lib their lines? The unscripted answer from the investigative team. Related show links: The Moving Menace ‘He went to turn himself in:’ Contractor shocks customers by turning himself in to authorities “Everybody is stepping up to […]

  • Can ice cream ever be healthy?

    Can ice cream ever be good for you? Well, the makers of “light” and low-calorie frozen desserts want you to think it’s possible by promising great taste with far fewer calories, fat, and sugars. Consumer Reports dug into pint after pint to see whether any hit that sweet spot. Consumer Reports tested 13 frozen vanilla-flavored treats, including light and low-fat ice creams, frozen yogurts, and nondairy frozen desserts, for taste, texture, and nutrition. To achieve the taste and texture of […]

  • Open Record: I love public records

    In this episode of “Open Record,” a loophole in the law allows lawmakers to avoid transparency. Amanda St. Hilaire reveals how they’re doing it and what’s be done to change it. Then, a dog breeder with a checkered past is still selling puppies. Jenna Sachs explains how she dug into their past and the changes being made since her investigation. Plus, Bryan Polcyn explains how he learned to do his own make-up. Related show links: ‘This is an invitation to […]

  • Open Record: Accountability journalism

    In this episode of “Open Record,” FOX6 Investigative reporter Bryan Polcyn takes a closer look at an elected official who was not following the same rules as everyone else. The story took an interesting turn when Bryan attempted to talk to the official. Then, FOX6’s Jenna Sachs discovers a fee that could impact anyone who gets behind the wheel. It all depends on where you’re driving. Plus, what’s it really like to do breaking news? Related show links: ‘She absolutely […]

  • Open Record: Party patrol

    In this episode, FOX6 Investigative reporters Bryan Polcyn, Amanda St. Hilaire & Jenna Sachs take an in-depth look at the state of school bus safety in Wisconsin. The records obtained by St. Hilaire show the system that’s supposed to keep children safe is flawed. Plus, wild parties filled booze, drugs and guns. The undercover investigation by Contact 6’s Jenna Sachs that caught an illegal party host in action. Related show links: School bus inspections show defective brakes, tire problems, steering […]

  • Open Record: Hear the story behind the stories in a new podcast

    MILWAUKEE — Each week Contact 6 and the FOX6 Investigators bring viewers in-depth stories about about important issues that impact the community. Sometimes these stories can take weeks or even months to come together. Viewers only get see a small portion of the work that happens — until now. “Open Record” is a first of its kind podcast in Milwaukee. FOX6 Investigative reporters Bryan Polcyn, Jenna Sachs and Amanda St. Hilaire break down their big stories and what it took […]

  • Open Record: Don’t yell at a guy with a gun

    FOX6 reporters Bryan Polcyn, Amanda St. Hilaire and Jenna Sachs discuss two stories that came from some unusual circumstances. FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn gives a behind the scenes perspective on a story that came to a head when a man pulled a gun on him. Plus, Contact 6’s Jenna Sachs explains the situation behind a neighborhood with a house so smelly the police were called multiple times. Related show links: “Suspicious stuff:” Former therapist has ‘visions’ of client’s missing husband […]

  • ‘Half human, half robot:’ Milwaukee teen 1st in state to receive robotic mobility device

    MILWAUKEE — FOX6 shares stories from all over. As it turned out, we found one at our station. Val Seiber has been an employee at FOX6 for several years. Her daughter, Trinity, has battled a rare birth injury her entire life. A new device is making a difference. Trinity’s story began on Aug. 29, 2001. Her mother recalled the day Trinity was born vividly. “At the time of the birth, I’m noticing that it wasn’t as smooth as my other […]

  • Did your child’s school bus pass inspection? FOX6 Investigators reveal the results

    SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — This database contains Wisconsin State Patrol school bus inspections for Southeast Wisconsin in 2017. Some reports may have missing information. If you have questions about a particular inspection, call Wisconsin State Patrol at (262) 785-4700. These inspections are sorted by bus fleet numbers, which are different than the bus route numbers school districts assign. The fleet numbers are directly on the buses, as pictured; the route numbers are usually detachable. Please double-check that you are typing in the bus’ fleet […]

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