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  • Open Record: Investigators never gave up

    MILWAUKEE — In 1984, the body of Traci Hammerberg was found early in the morning in a driveway in Grafton. Investigators would reveal Hammerberg had been raped, beaten and bludgeoned to death. 35 years later, investigators finally solved the cold case. In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn takes you inside the investigation of Hammerberg’s death and explains how emerging science helped track down the murderer. Plus, the team discusses the reaction from family and how Polcyn got inside […]

  • ‘It got me on a better track:’ We Energies program gives MPS students experience in the trades

    MILWAUKEE — In a large field behind the We Energies’ building off Bluemound Road, there’s a place where students can get energized about their futures. For some select days in October, a small group of students from Milwaukee Public Schools got to leave the classroom to get hands-on training with We Energies employees through a program called Demo Days. “It exposes them to careers in energy,” said Jennifer Buchanan, We Energies internship program manager. “It lets them see what we […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: Inside the Milwaukee Co. Historical Society with Mame McCully

    MILWAUKEE — When you think of a Historical Society, you probably don’t picture a 29-year-old at the helm. But that’s how old Mame McCully was when she took over as Executive Director of the Milwaukee County Historical Society. In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh chats with McCully inside the old bank building off Old World Third Street that the Society calls home. They dig into the Society’s vast collection including why they have a mummified cat, where Milwaukee’s […]

  • Open Record: It takes experience

    MILWAUKEE —  Have you thought about becoming a bartender? In this episode of Open Record, Jenna Sachs takes an in-depth look at a bartending school that’s received several complaints. The Open Record team discusses how they decide to pursue a story and what happens when the subject of a story won’t do an interview. In the Dinner Party Question, the team chats about the most challenging story they’ve worked on and why working in Wisconsin gets even more difficult in […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: Inside ‘Hamilton’ with 2 stars of the hit show

    MILWAUKEE — Hamilton is a Broadway sensation and it’s finally arrived in Milwaukee. In this special bonus episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh chats with two of the stars — Ta’Rea Campbell and Elijah Malcomb. The pair stopped by the FOX6 studios to share great stories about Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr., what it takes to physically perform the lightning-quick lyrics and how they make the most of tour life –- including what they’ve enjoyed about Milwaukee so far. […]

  • Open Record: A difficult one to move

    MILWAUKEE — Drinking and driving is against the law, but should it be a crime? In Wisconsin, the first OWI offense is not considered a criminal act. In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn breaks down the history of OWI laws in Wisconsin and what the driving force is behind the state’s unique perspective on how drinking and driving is handled. In the Dinner Party Question, the Open Record team reveals if they actually get nervous each time they […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: Conversation with the man behind the Milwaukee Film Festival

    MILWAUKEE — In its 11th year, the Milwaukee Film Festival is regarded as one of the best in the country. In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh sits down with the man that runs the show — Artistic Director and CEO for Milwaukee Film Jonathan Jackson. Their chat took place just days before the festival kicked off to find out how they settle on the hundreds of films in the lineup and ensure that there is indeed something for […]

  • Open Record: Whose fault is this?

    MILWAUKEE — A morning routine turned chaotic after buses show up late to pick up kids or failed to pick them up at all. Parents turned to FOX6 and the team investigated. In this episode of Open Record, Amanda St. Hilaire takes listeners inside the process of uncovering why students were left waiting at the bus stop and what it took to get parents, kids and administrators to talk. In the Dinner Party Question, Jenna Sachs reveals her favorite interview […]

  • Open Record: Frightening finds

    MILWAUKEE — Every fall, stores everywhere fill up with Halloween masks in preparation for holiday. Those masks sitting on shelves may have things lurking inside them scarier than the actual mask. In this episode of Open Record, Jenna Sachs, Amanda St. Hilaire and Bryan Polcyn take you inside a Contact 6 investigation about Halloween mask germs. Sachs reveals the process behind collecting samples, the results that surprised the investigative unit and what consumers can do to stay healthy around Halloween. […]

  • Deff-initely Milwaukee: Conversation with Wisconsin’s youngest lawmaker

    MILWAUKEE — Kalan Haywood II made national headlines in 2018 when at just 19 years old he became Wisconsin’s youngest lawmaker, elected to represent Milwaukee’s 16th District in the State Assembly. Now, at the ripe old age of 20, he stopped by the FOX6 studios to share how the first year on the job has gone. He discusses the challenges of working for one of the most economically and socially diverse districts in Wisconsin, why young people should have a […]

  • Open Record: Stem the tide

    MILWAUKEE — It’s an unavoidable truth, we are all getting older. It’s just the course of nature. Our bodies wear out over time, but what if you could reverse the process and actually regrow tissue to heal your aching joints? Some medical clinics are making that promise with stem cell therapy. In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn, Jenna Sachs and Amanda St. Hilaire break down the investigation into the experimental treatment and uncover the hurdles within the medical […]

  • Open Record: Is it really that special?

    MILWAUKEE — You shouldn’t park your car where it doesn’t belong, but if you do it’s possible you’ll get an expensive surprise. In this episode of Open Record, Bryan Polcyn breaks down the special circumstance surrounding special towing fees. The Open Record team takes an in-depth look at the hidden camera investigation that caught a tow in action and the events that followed. In this episode’s Dinner Party Question, Jenna Sachs reveals why mall security tried to kick her out […]

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