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  • After woman dies at 102, DirecTV charges $160 ‘early termination fee’

    SAN LORENZO, Calif. – The family of a California woman learned the hard way that death won’t stop DirecTV from billing you, ABC7 reports. Isabel Albright of San Lorenzo died last December at 102—a remarkable longevity that included two world wars and 18 presidents—but it wasn’t enough to terminate a satellite TV contract in her home without penalty. “Everything was fine until we went to disconnect and that’s when all the surprises happened,” says son-in-law John Manrique. The family was fixing the […]

  • Texas man shot fleeing burglar and went back to bed, police say

    DALLAS – A Dallas man who told police he fired at a fleeing burglar before going back to bed has been charged with murder. Police say James Meyer told them that after hearing a noise around 5am Thursday, he saw somebody with a pickax trying to break into his storage shed and went outside with a gun to confront him, USA Today reports. Meyer, 72, said he fired at the man after he took several steps toward him, then fired another […]

  • Popular heartburn drugs are being recalled over cancer worries

    WASHINGTON — Nearly two weeks after a probable carcinogen was detected at low levels in heartburn medications, the over-the-counter drugs are being recalled. Drug manufacturer Apotex said Thursday it’s voluntarily recalling 75mg and 150mg ranitidine tablets sold at Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite Aid over the possible presence of cancer-causing impurity NDMA. USA Today notes the acid-reducing drugs are generic versions of Zantac. The FDA has the complete list of recalled products here. Earlier this week, Novartis-owned Sandoz recalled 30-count, 50-count and 500-count bottles […]

  • Referee takes cannon blast to the face during touchdown celebration

    CASTINE, Maine – At Maine Maritime Academy, enthusiastic fans at the school’s college football games partake in a loud tradition: They shoot blank shells out of cannons whenever the home team scores a touchdown. That tradition went terribly awry, though, last weekend after an alumnus fired off his device and struck a referee in the head with whatever shot out of the cannon, the Washington Post reports. A video out of Castine shows the moment the ref falls to the ground in the end […]

  • Man’s Apple Watch calls 911 for him after crash leaves him unconscious

    SPOKANE, Wash. – Bob Burdett ended up unconscious after a bike crash earlier this month in Spokane—and his Apple Watch called 911 for him. Burdett, 62, flew off his bike as he approached a curve at the bottom of a hill, and the ensuing hit was so hard his watch detected it, the Seattle Times reports. The fall-detection feature alerts emergency medical services if the wearer is immobile for a full minute after the fall—which is why, by the time Burdett […]

  • 30 bikers line up at girl’s lemonade stand after mom helps riders hurt in crash

    CHILI, Ind. – Bikers, pull over for lemonade? Thirty of them did last weekend as a thank you to someone who cared, ABC News reports. “I had no idea how many there would be and they were so generous,” said Daryn Sturch after the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group arrived Sunday at her daughter Bryanne’s stand in Chili, Indiana. “She was charging $1, and I bet every one of them gave a $5 or $10 or $20. [Bryanne] was as happy as she […]

  • Grandkids’ visit turns into murder-suicide in Tennessee

    HERMITAGE, Tenn. – Two young siblings were visiting their grandparents’ Tennessee home when things went unimaginably wrong Saturday. Police say Terry Majors, 64, shot and killed his wife Leigh Shea-Majors, 61, and his 6-year-old grandson, Ty Dodson, before fatally shooting himself. Ty’s 4-year-old sister ran to a neighbor’s house for help and escaped unharmed, NBC News reports. She is now back home in Kentucky, where Ty had just started kindergarten little more than a month ago, with her mother, her mother’s partner, […]

  • Ex-CIA operative releases spy-like campaign ad as she runs for congressional seat

    Business Insider says it looks like a “Fast & Furious outtake”; the AV Club notes it’s more reminiscent of the Bourne Identity franchise. Whatever movie you might compare Valerie Plame’s new campaign ad to, there’s no denying the spot is memorable. Plame, the ex-CIA operative whose identity was divulged by a Washington Post journalist, is running for the New Mexico congressional seat being vacated by Democrat Ben Ray Lujan, who’s running for the U.S. Senate. In the spot released Monday, 56-year-old Plame is seen kicking up dust in a […]

  • Boy with GoPro finds body of woman who disappeared in 1992 on way to wedding

    REVELSTOKE, British Columbia – The family of a Canadian woman who disappeared in 1992 finally know what happened to their loved one, thanks to 13-year-old Max Werenka and his GoPro camera. Max, whose family owns cabins on Griffin Lake near Revelstoke, BC, spotted what appeared to be a submerged vehicle around 15 feet below the surface of the mountain lake, which is just off the Trans-Canada highway, the CBC reports. His family notified the Mounties and when officers arrived to investigate, Max […]

  • Mass inside 17-year-old’s abdomen had hair, teeth, and bone

    INDIA — “About that lump in your abdomen. It was likely your unborn twin.” That’s what a teenager in India was told after surgeons removed “hairy, cheesy material” from her abdomen two years ago, LiveScience reported. More precisely, the mass measuring 14 by 6 by 4 inches contained apparent ribs and vertebrae along with “multiple teeth and structures resembling limb buds,” per an analysis in BMJ Case Reports. The 17-year-old had complained about a growing abdomen lump that sometimes caused […]

  • There’s a little problem with Waco’s ‘Fixer Upper’ Homes

    WACO — Chip and Joanna Gaines are famous for their gorgeous renovations of Waco, Texas, homes for their HGTV show Fixer Upper. There’s just one problem: The average price for homes sold in that area at the moment is around $215,000—a lot less than, say, the $679,000 price tag attached to Season 2’s “Asian Ranch House,” which is currently on the market, Fox News reports. As the listing agent representing that particular home told Insider, the owners purchased it for $262,000 before the […]

  • Woman survives being trapped in septic tank for days

    ESTACADA, Ore. — An Oregon woman almost died in an extremely unpleasant way after falling into a septic tank at her rural home, authorities say. Firefighters believe the Clackamas County woman was doing maintenance work when she fell into the tank, where she was trapped for up to three days, KPTV reports. “It looks like there was work being done on the septic tank,” says Estacada Rural Fire District No. 69 division chief Richard Anderson. “There was a tractor in the […]

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