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  • Baby abandoned at airport in 1986 tracks down father

    “Gatwick Gary” has found his biological parents. It’s the end of what the¬†New York Daily News¬†calls a “long and emotional journey” for 33-year-old Steven Hydes, a UK man who was discovered in 1986 as a 10-day-old newborn in the ladies’ room at Gatwick Airport near London, swaddled in a shawl. He’d been abandoned, and after he was adopted by John and Sandra Hydes, he decided upon turning 18 to attempt to track down his birth parents, reports the¬†Crawley and Horley […]

  • Man pulled over with dead wife in passenger seat

    A 70-year-old man told police his wife died on a road trip, so he strapped her in their car’s passenger seat and continued on. The explanation came Monday as Rodney Puckett of Oklahoma was pulled over for a traffic violation along Interstate 10 in Arizona, reports the¬†Arizona Republic. When Eloy Detective Adam Edmonds noticed a woman who appeared to be dead buckled into the car, Puckett reportedly claimed his wife, 74-year-old Linda Puckett, had died at a hotel in Texas […]

  • Legendary actress and singer Doris Day dead at 97

    Doris Day, the box-office queen and singing star whose wholesome, all-American image belied an often-turbulent personal life, has died, her foundation announced Monday. She was 97. The actress passed away early Monday surrounded by a few close friends at her Carmel Valley home,¬†according to the Doris Day Animal Foundation. She had celebrated her 97th birthday just last month with nearly 300 fans who gathered in Carmel to celebrate with her. Day had recently contracted a serious case of pneumonia which […]

  • Secret U.S. missile kills terrorists with knives instead of explosives

    Ever heard of a missile that doesn’t explode? That, the¬†Wall Street Journal¬†reports, is a key feature of a secret weapon adapted by the US military. It’s a modified version of a Hellfire missile that hits pinpoint targets but doesn’t explode on impact, meaning reduced damage and less risk of civilian casualties. The weapon, which the¬†Journal¬†likens to a “speeding anvil” falling out of the sky, is known as R9X. But it also has a nickname, “the flying Ginsu,” inspired by its […]

  • Sandra Bland’s own cellphone video of 2015 Texas traffic stop surfaces

    Family members are calling to reopen a criminal investigation into Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas jail cell with the surfacing of her own¬†arrest video. Bland, who was found to have committed suicide three days after the July 2015 arrest in Waller County, is heard asking a state trooper why she is being apprehended as he orders her out of her car. He finally aims a stun gun at her at close range, shouting, “Get out of the car! I […]

  • Hacked Lime scooters spew offensive comments at riders in Australia

    BRISBANE, Australia ‚Äď Not your everyday electric scooter feature: a built-in voice-over that blurts out sexually charged and otherwise objectionable remarks. Gizmodo¬†reports that’s what some riders apparently got in Brisbane, Australia, where at least eight scooters from the transportation rental company Lime have already been yanked from circulation after someone hacked into the scooters’ audio files and inserted their own comments. One¬†video that’s going around shows a bunch of the scooters lined up in the street, all shouting out their […]

  • Woman regains consciousness 27 years after car crash

    Until June 2018, Munira Abdulla had last been conscious when mobile phones were just¬†starting to be widely sold. Had they then been readily available, someone might have been able to call for help. Instead, Abdulla waited for hours for help to arrive after the car she was in collided with a school bus in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, in 1991. Though the 4-year-old son she reportedly shielded from impact walked away with only a bruise, Abdulla, 32, suffered a […]

  • Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files’ name over 7,800 suspects lawyers say

    NEW YORK — The Boy Scouts of America “perversion files” contain the names of a staggering number of suspected pedophiles and their victims, an attorney revealed Tuesday. Jeff Anderson, who represents former Scouts who say they were abused, said an expert hired by the Scouts to audit the files on suspected abusers found that there were 7,819 suspected perpetrators and 12,254 victims between 1944 and 2016,¬†Fox¬†reports. “That is a number not known before today or ever revealed by the Boy […]

  • Oil rig workers save tired dog found swimming off coast of Thailand

    Oil workers about 135 miles off the coast of Thailand saw something in the water that shouldn’t have been there: a tired dog, swimming. The pooch made it to the rig, where workers eventually hoisted him to safety, reports the¬†Bangkok Post. It’s not clear how the dog got so far out to sea, but the best guess is that he fell off a boat in the Gulf of Thailand, per¬†ABC News. The dog‚ÄĒnicknamed Boonrod, or survivor‚ÄĒwas rescued on Friday, and […]

  • Bald eagles’ nest has an unusual parent combination

    Tune into the¬†live webcam¬†of a bald eagles’ nest in Illinois, and you may see a rare sight: two dads and one mom tending three eaglets, reports the¬†Washington Post. The webcam is courtesy of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge, and a post at¬†Audubon¬†explains just how unusual the situation is. Males are typically territorial when it comes to breeding, making it highly unusual for two of them to wind up in such close proximity. But not only have Valor I […]

  • Man accused of killing mom who was ‘driving him crazy’ asked co-workers for odd favor

    ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. ‚Äď John Ralph asked his co-workers to take pictures of him at work because, according to police, “if anything happened to his mother he would need an alibi.” Something¬†had¬†happened to his mother: Ralph, 51, allegedly murdered her that same day. A caretaker discovered the body of Edith Betty Ralph, 76, Saturday at the Tennessee home mother and son shared. The younger Ralph was arrested later that night at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, less than an hour before he […]

  • Police investigate magician David Blaine over sex assault allegations

    NEW YORK ‚Äď The NYPD on Monday confirmed its Special Victims Unit is investigating magician David Blaine following complaints. The¬†Daily Beast references a senior NYPD official in reporting two women gave statements to the SVU alleging sexual assault; a source says one of those alleged assaults dates to 1998. The¬†New York Post’s¬†sources echo that timeline, and say the second woman’s allegations date to 1997; she claims she was made to masturbate Blaine while hypnotized, per the sources. The¬†Post¬†notes the statute […]

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