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  • How coronavirus can impact your credit score

    WASHINGTON D.C. — There’s a lot packed into the $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, but no protections to insulate your credit score. “I pushed for that until 30 minutes before the agreement was signed,” Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown said. Brown said consumers, especially those out of work, need that kind of protection. “We had interest from the republican chairman, but Senator [Mitch] McConnell and President Trump said no,” Brown said. Financial experts say you can still help yourself by […]

  • Texas prisoners suing for soap, more cleaning and social distancing measures

    AUSTIN, Tex. (KXAN) — Two Texas inmates have filed a lawsuit demanding more access to hand sanitizer, soap and increased social distancing measures in state prisons. The lawsuit alleges that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has failed to “take proper measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to some of its most vulnerable inmates.” The lawsuit acknowledges TDCJ has implemented certain policies to fight the spread of COVID-19 but calls the measures “woefully inadequate.” “TDCJ’s failures don’t just affect […]

  • More than 50 test positive for COVID-19 at California nursing home

    YUCAIPA, Calif. (KTLA) — A total of 51 residents and six staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus at a California nursing home, and a second resident has died, health officials said Tuesday. Some results are still pending, but the entire Cedar Mountain Post Acute facility is assumed to be infected, Trudy Raymundo, director of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, said in an afternoon news briefing. Countywide, officials reported 183 confirmed COVID-19 cases and four deaths […]

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    Company apologizes for ‘ill-advised’ plan to dock pay of workers getting stimulus checks

    AUSTIN, Texas – Leaders of a company behind a plan to cut some of its employees’ pay checks if the $2-trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill was approved have changed their mind. The plan would’ve allowed the company to reduce paychecks by the amount of stimulus payment expected from the government. Company leaders wanted those workers to sign what they called an “Employee Emergency Compensation Fund.” The agreement would have also allowed the company to take 50% of the stimulus act’s $500 per […]

  • ‘Hospitals without walls:’ Pres. Trump’s admin makes health care changes to address patient surge

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s administration  announced temporary regulatory waivers that allow hospitals to provide care at other locations to make room for patients. It’s called “hospitals without walls.” “They could use a college dormitory, a gymnasium,” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma said Tuesday, March 31. The new program is creating room for critical coronavirus cases while continuing to give uninfected patients the care they need. “It allows hospitals to provide services off-site,” Verma added. Verma […]

  • President Trump, other lawmakers call for release of low-risk inmates to protect them from COVID-19

    WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Prisons is changing its guidelines to protect guards and prisoners from coronavirus. Some lawmakers, including President Donald Trump, are even considering releasing low-risk prisoners. While most Americans are trying to stay apart, social distancing is nearly impossible for the nation’s prison population. “Let’s keep in mind, you know, the least of these and make sure they’re being protected and not disposable,” Senator Kamala Harris said. Senator Kamala Harris called on the Federal Bureau of […]

  • Country music icon Ray Benson says he’s been diagnosed with coronavirus

    AUSTIN, Tex.  (KXAN) — Ray Benson, the country music icon known from the band Asleep at the Wheel, says he has tested positive for coronavirus, according to a Facebook post. Benson, 69, said in the post Tuesday that he started feeling “tired” around 10 days ago, but wasn’t able to get tested at the time. He says he went back Monday with the same feelings and was able to get tested for the virus. The Austin-based musician says he’s not […]

  • Can coronavirus infect you through your eyes?

    AUSTIN, Texas — While coronavirus is typically spread through people breathing or ingesting virus particles from their mouth or nose, did you know it can also enter your body through your eyes? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, another way the virus can be spread is by someone touching a surface containing the virus and then touching or rubbing their eyes. Additionally, getting the virus in your eyes can exacerbate or start the infection of conjunctivitis — or pink eye […]

  • Over 800 Chicago police officers, employees call out sick in 1 day

    CHICAGO, Ill.  (WGN) — The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on the Chicago Police Department. The CPD had more than 800 officers and employees out sick Monday — that’s about 6 percent of the entire force. Of the 50 officers who have tested positive for the virus, a few have required hospitalization and one is said to be in critical condition, according to the CPD. The department said it is largely due to precautionary measures that hundreds are taking […]

  • ‘We’re going to find you and prosecute you:’ Lawmakers look to protect elders from coronavirus scams

    WASHINGTON  — Some seniors throughout the country are the targets of scammers who are now using the coronavirus outbreak as a way to exploit the vulnerable. “This is the worst of the worst,” Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said. Now, members of Congress like Fitzpatrick and Pennsylvania Rep. Matt Cartwright are working to put a stop to it. “You’re no good, we’re on to you, we’re gonna stop what you’re up to and we’re going to find you and prosecute you,” […]

  • Combating coronavirus: More doctors turning to telehealth in midst of pandemic

    WASHINGTON – Healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic are trying to do more checkups from home. “We have moved every patient we possibly can to a virtual platform,” Dr. Ned Legare, a telehealth doctor in Massachusetts, said. Legare is practicing what is known as “telehealth” and doing all of his appointments virtually. That includes regular primary care visits, surgery follow-ups and even potential coronavirus cases. “I think about a couple who called me last night whose son […]

  • Can children get coronavirus? The short answer is yes

    DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — While older people appear most at risk of dying from the coronavirus, it may be months before scientists have enough data to say for sure who is particularly vulnerable and why. One big question that continues to circulate the internet is whether children can get COVID-19. And while cases are rare, the answer is yes. To this point, children have made up a small fraction of the world’s case counts. But while most appear only mildly ill, […]

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