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  • A look at the latest smart lights from Philips Hue

    We’re taking a look at the latest smart lights from Philips Hue! Philips Hue forever changed the way we think about light bulbs when they introduced a light that can instantly switch into 16 million different colors. Now, the company has new ways of making your lighting smart and we got a peek at what’s new! Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, Newsletter & Twitter “So you have full control to dim any light, change the color temperature, change the color of the […]

  • The video game system Sega is making a comeback with a mini console

    We’re playing with the new Sega Genesis Mini with 42 games, sure to bring back some memories from your childhood! It’s been 30 years since the Sega Genesis console appeared on store shelves, but now it’s back! The Sega Genesis Mini packs popular games in a smaller size and its made for modern TVs. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, Newsletter & Twitter SEGA is the latest video game maker to capitalize on our sense of nostalgia. The original Sega Genesis launched here […]

  • Details on Apple’s new watch display, iPad, TV and gaming services

    Apple’s new three camera iPhone 11 Pro stole the show at their event in Cupertino, but there are lots of other updates, too – including an Apple Watch with an always on screen, an iPad that’s now closer to a computer and we finally got a price on Apple’s new streaming TV service. Apple Watch Series 5 iPad Apple Arcade  Apple TV+ 

  • Hands on with Apple’s new triple camera iPhone 11

    Rich goes hands on with Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro! See how three lenses are better than one and how the selfie camera gets some upgrades!

  • 16-year-old student invented an accessory for the iPad and sold it nationwide

    The local student who designed an accessory for the iPad and used the latest tech tools to make it a success! Apple is set to unveil its latest gadgets at an event in Cupertino Tuesday, but today we take a look at the impact of their products specifically, how one 16 year old saw an opportunity to enhance the iPad! Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, Newsletter & Twitter At just 16 years old Samson Taxon is less interested in Instagram and more […]

  • These automated robots stock, retrieve items in warehouses to get you your online orders faster

    Online companies  Recently, I visited a company called inVia Robotics that’s helping smaller online businesses compete with the big guys with little robots that do the heavy lifting. The company specializes in creating warehouse robots! “In particular, we help a lot of our e-commerce customers fulfill the orders that a lot of you guys order online when you click add to cart,” says Lior Elazary, the co-founder and CEO of inVia Robotics. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Instagram, Facebook, Podcast, Newsletter & Twitter Elazary saw a need […]

  • A hands on look at Samsung’s new watch, laptop and tablet

    Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 has been on sale for a few weeks now and the reviews are very good, but that’s not all the company has to offer!  Today we’re taking a look at Samsung’s new watch, tablet and laptop! Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is already in pockets around the world, but at the event I attended in New York City the company also took the wraps off of several other upcoming products including a watch, tablet and laptop and […]

  • A speed test of Sprint’s 5G service in Los Angeles

    Sprint expands it’s 5G network to more cities and we ran a speed test! It’s still very early for 5G wireless, but carriers continue to bring faster speeds to new places. We’re taking a look at Sprint’s new 5G service, which takes a different approach than AT&T and Verizon. We love our cell phones and 5G will make the things we do on them faster! Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro onInstagram, Facebook, Podcast, Newsletter & Twitter “There is a myriad of new opportunities and some […]

  • Nest’s new package detection, Yelp gets personalized and Mario Kart on your phone

    Google’s doorbell camera is getting a package detection feature, Yelp gets more personalized and Mario Kart heads towards your smartphone. Nest Hello Package Detection Google’s Nest Hello video doorbell is getting a new package detection feature!  The camera will now recognize when a package is delivered to your doorstep. It will then send a notification to your smartphone. This way you know exactly when your item is delivered and you can keep an eye on it if you’re not home. […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: The overachieving smartphone

    A review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is now on sale. It’s a big phone packed with Samsung’s best features and this year’s device has more cameras, more memory and more screen than ever! It makes sense: the Note lineup has always been all about the power user. Samsung is targeting the business professional who wants no sacrifices when it comes to their mobile device even if they leave their computer and tablet at […]

  • New safety feature won’t let teens drive their car until their seat-belt is buckled

    MILWAUKEE — A new safety feature won’t let teens drive their car until their seat-belt is buckled. Rich DeMuro joins FOX6 WakeUp to explain.

  • The ways you can learn a new language with technology

    Did you ever think you could learn a new language using Netflix? Today, I’m looking at several ways you can get fluent without ever stepping foot in a classroom! Babbel First up Babbel, a popular website and app! Babbel offers 14 different languages and uses speech recognition software to measure how well your pronunciation matches what you’re trying to say. “So our users have an opportunity not just to learn the language like vocabulary and grammar, but also really practice […]

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