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  • Samsung’s new Galaxy watch and smart home speaker

    Samsung recently unveiled their Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, but the company also unveiled a new watch and a smart home speaker. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is the star of the show, but the company also unboxed a few other surprises at their recent event in New York City. The company showed off three more products to complement the device, including a Galaxy Watch smartwatch, Galaxy Home smart speaker and a wireless charging dock. Here are links to more information on […]

  • Take your Instagram stories to the next level with these tips, tricks

    Instagram stories are taking social media by storm. Rich Demuro has the tips and tricks to make yours stand out. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips!

  • Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 9 with an even bigger screen and battery

    We go hands-on with Samsung’s most powerful smartphone ever, the Galaxy Note 9! The Samsung Note has always been a trendsetter for the industry: it was one of the first big screen phones, one of the first phones with a stylus and made dual cameras popular. Now, the Galaxy Note 9 has an even smarter camera and some of the most powerful specs ever seen on a smartphone. Samsung unveiled their best smartphone ever in front of a crowd at Brooklyn’s Barclays […]

  • Segway releases E-Skates

    These skates are a mix of hoverboard and electric skates and are available for pre-order now. Segway recently announced their newest product, The Segway Drift W1. These skates are a mix of hoverboard and electric skates and are available for pre-order now.

  • Inside the brand new lab at Beyond Meat

    Take a look inside Beyond Meat’s brand new research and development facility where they are re-creating favorites like burgers and sausage using plants. Beyond Meat is known for its breakout plant-based burger that looks and tastes like the real thing. Now, the company is tackling other backyard favorites including sausage and bratwurst. Recently, they invited the media on a tour of their brand new 26,000 square foot research and development center just south of Los Angeles International Airport. We also got […]

  • A new anti-virus app uses artificial intelligence to protect your computer

    A look at Cylance Smart Antivirus software, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in an effort to protect your computer better than traditional programs. A company named Cylance is bringing it’s effective approach to anti-virus protection to the masses with a new consumer version of its software. Previously, it was only available to businesses. Cylance Smart Antivirus uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect your system in a totally new way. Follow KTLA 5 Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Social Media for […]

  • Startup partners with Uber to sell snacks in the back seat

    A startup called Cargo is partnering with Uber to sell snacks and give away free samples to passengers. A startup named Cargo has been placing little vending machine-style boxes in the backseats of ridesharing cars for a year. Now, the company is getting a major push from Uber thanks to a new exclusive partnership. The company supplies free boxes to Uber drivers filled with a selection of snacks and essentials. Follow KTLA 5 Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Social Media for useful […]

  • Startup creates plant based eggs that scramble like the real thing

    Taste testing eggs that don’t come from a farm! They’re made from plants and now the restaurant chain Veggie Grill is using them in a breakfast burrito. A startup called JUST has been working on a new type of plant-based egg for several years now – and they think they have it. The eggs are so convincing, the restaurant chain Veggie Grill is now using them in a product called the All Day Breakfast Burrito. The product, called JUST Egg, look […]

  • This new screen protector says it blocks harmful radiation, too

    A new screen protector says it does way more than just guard your phone against scratches – it blocks radiation, too. Usually, screen protectors are there to guard our phones against scuffs and scratches. But a new product called Tech Armor Enhance is designed to protect us from something as well – potentially harmful cell phone radiation. It comes at a good time. Between checking our feeds, texting friends and posting pics, we’re on our cell phones now more than […]

  • Apps to know: Buy and sell stuff locally

    We all know eBay is a great way to buy and sell stuff online, but what if you don’t want to deal with the packing and shipping? Here are some apps to know that can help you buy and sell stuff locally. From 9 to 5, Chris Martinez works in television production. But, like a lot of people these days he has a side hustle. He buys and sells used furniture he finds around town. His number one pick for […]

  • New Google Home features: Spanish, routines and more

    Google Home has some new features including the ability to understand commands in Spanish, set routines and have continued conversations. One great thing about smart speakers is that they are constantly evolving. Here’s a look at some of the new tricks and features recently added to the Google Home. Spanish Previously, Google Home could translate words into Spanish, but now the smart speaker can understand commands spoken in the language. To set it up, open up the Google Home app and tap […]

  • Tech Smart: Order food from GM’s new high-tech dashboards

    Car companies are getting serious about their in-dash entertainment systems. GM is introducing a brand new screen that looks and acts more like a smartphone and it even lets you order food from your dashboard. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips!