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  • The best ways to clean and disinfect your dirty smartphone

    With all the talk surrounding Coronavirus, no doubt you’re taking a second look at your phone and wondering just how dirty it is and more importantly, how to clean it. For starters, we talked to Andrea Armani, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Southern California. “Cell phones are actually one of the dirtiest things that we handle everyday,” said Armani, who studies the effects of light on organisms. “People have done studies of the different types of […]

  • The force is strong at this year’s New York Toy Fair with everyone’s version of Baby Yoda

    NEW YORK — Rich DeMuro shares more techy toys from the New York Toy Fair! Links: Hasbro The Child Mattel The Child Bitty Boomers speakers Go Go Bird Pool Candy Motorized Lounger Crazy Cart

  • A look at the hottest tech toys from the New York Toy Fair

    I’m taking you to the Big Apple for a look at the hottest tech toys at this year’s Toy Fair in New York City! The New York Toy Fair has been a Big Apple institution for 117 years! It’s like a giant toy store where everything is unwrapped and unboxed, and ready to play with!

  • Hands on with LG’s latest dual screen phone with a camera feature that will make your photos pop

    Rich goes hands-on with LG’s latest dual-screen phone which has a new camera feature that will make your photos pop in 3D! Foldable phones generally have a screen that folds in half, but LG is taking a slightly different approach! LG’s latest device has dual screens and a feature most other phones ditched. Their new phone is called the LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen! The name is a mouthful but this could be a good alternative to the big-name […]

  • A gym that bio-hacks your body into shape

    Rich recently checked out a gym that bio-hacks your body into shape! Typical gyms feature weights, cardio equipment and maybe some classes, but recently I visited a new type of gym which uses the latest technology to trick the mind and body into shape through the use of bio-hacks! The gym is called Upgrade Labs and the location we visited is tucked away in a posh Beverly Hills hotel. Upgrade Labs specializes in bio-hacking the body. “We use the most leading-edge technology […]

  • One of the cheapest cell phone plans available costs zero dollars per month

    If you’re on a standard unlimited plan, you might be overpaying for your service. We take a look at some of the cheapest cell phone plans available, and one of them starts at just zero dollars per month! We talked to Sherri Riggs at the cell phone comparison website WhistleOut about some of the cheapest plans out there. Just keep in mind with many of these plans, high speed data might be limited, you might not be able to turn your phone […]

  • Samsung’s Z Flip is the best foldable smartphone yet

    After using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for a few days, it’s tough not to fall in love all over again with the flip phone. Flip phones could be poised for a comeback. After using the Samsung Galaxy Z flip for a few days, I’m falling in love all over again with a device that actually fits in my hand – and my pocket. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Instagram for more tech tips, tricks and reviews! Form Factor Samsung’s […]

  • Assistive technology for those dealing with vision loss

    The latest in assistive technology that can be helpful to those with vision loss! Technology continues to make life just a little bit easier for those dealing with vision loss and recently we visited the Braille Institute where they showed us the latest in assistive technology! Mentioned: iPhone Accessibility settings Android Talkback Refreshable Braille Display Microsoft Seeing AI App Google Lookout App NOW: Listen to the Rich on Tech podcast, where I talk about the tech stuff I think you should know […]

  • These apps reveal the best movies and shows included in your streaming subscriptions

    Too many streaming subscriptions and nothing to watch? These apps and websites will help you find the best TV shows and movies included in your monthly bill! It’s probably happened to you before: you sit down to watch a movie or TV show on a Friday night and can’t seem to find anything good to watch on your streaming services. So you hop around, surf IMDB for ideas and even poll friends over text. These apps and websites can help […]

  • Samsung unveiled its latest phones — which take advantage of speeding 5g networks

    Samsung unveiled its latest phones — which take advantage of speeding 5g networks. Rich DeMuro explains in today’s Tech Smart.

  • A YouTube star gives her best advice on starting your own channel

    Making a living on YouTube, it might sound like a dream, but a weekend conference is helping make it more of a reality for aspiring creators! YouTube is now a $15 billion business for Google and these days, lots of people want a piece of that! Recently, we went to a weekend conference called Vlog University, which aims to teach attendees everything they need to know about getting a YouTube channel off the ground, from cameras and lighting to editing! Follow […]

  • Here’s what went wrong with the app used in the Iowa Caucus

    An attempt to modernize a part of the election process backfired in Iowa, now the future of that failed app is unclear. The election process isn’t very high tech and Iowa found out the hard way just how tough it can be to modernize it. Officials are blaming an unproven app for massively delayed results, now Democrats in Nevada pledge not to use it.

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