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  • Digital weight lifting could be the future of working out

    The new workout machine that’s like having a personal trainer with you every step of the way. It’s called Tonal and it’s a high tech weight lifting machine that mounts on your wall and looks like a vertical TV. It combines strength training with artificial intelligence. The machine uses electricity to generate up to 200 pounds of resistance and you can work your upper body, lower body, core and even legs without ever stepping foot in a gym again.

  • Security camera artificial intelligence that detects guns

    We talk to a startup called Athena Security that is outfitting security camera systems with special software that can recognize guns, knives, violence and even slips and falls. The software notifies authorities that there is an issue potentially before the situation escalates so they can step in and take appropriate action.

  • Easy ways to go paperless

    The paperless office has long been a dream – here are some easy ways to make it a reality at home. Going paperless has long been a digital dream. There are so many benefits of scanning in the bills, receipts and other paperwork you collect at home. Here are some fast and easy ways to do it – with everything from a high powered document scanner to just your phone. We talked to Michael Sidejas, who has worked with Fujitsu […]

  • OnePlus 7 Pro: Great phone, even better price tag

    Rich is in New York City for the launch of the new OnePlus 7 Pro. He’s going hands on with the beautiful new android phone which has three cameras on the back – one being a 48 megapixel camera! It also has a front-facing camera for selfies, which pops up right out of the top of the phone. Rich has been using the phone for a few weeks and it has been one of his favorite android phones. It also […]

  • ibi Photo Manager makes backing up pictures a breeze

    A look at the ibi Photo Manager, which helps you back up your pictures and videos no matter where they’re currently stored – on phones, in the cloud or on old hard drives. Managing a digital picture collection isn’t easy. If you’re like most people, you have your photos scattered across a bunch of different places: your phone, the cloud, social media services like Facebook, and even old hard drives laying around the house. Connect with KTLA Tech Reporter Rich […]

  • Google’s latest gadget is both a security camera, way to video chat with friends

    MILWAUKEE — Google’s latest gadget is both a security camera and a way to video chat with friends. Rich DeMuro joins FOX6 WakeUp to explain.

  • This travel website offers a ‘suite’ alternative to Airbnb

    A website called Suiteness helps you book connecting rooms at hotels around the world so you can stay close to friends and family when you travel. When you think a large family or group travel, Airbnb might be the first website to come to mind. But there is an alternative – especially if you like the amenities that come with staying at a hotel. A website called Suiteness helps you book connecting hotel rooms around the world. Not just any old hotel […]

  • Facebook’s upcoming changes explained

    We take a look at Facebook’s big changes, including a pledge for a more private social network. Plus, a new site design that is bright and ditches the signature Facebook blue. Rich looks at the new Messenger features like desktop apps for Mac and PC, dating features including a Secret Crush finder, and how Instagram is letting you buy stuff, collect donations and hide the number of likes posts are getting.

  • A look at Microsoft’s latest surface lineup

    Microsoft continues to expand its Surface lineup. The company now has everything from an inexpensive tablet to a super premium 28-inch all in one computer. Here’s what we looked at: Surface Laptop, starting at $999 Surface Go, starting at $399 Surface Studio, starting at $3,499 Surface Headphones, $349

  • High tech pool protector uses AI to prevent drownings

    A look at a smart underwater camera that uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor what’s happening in your pool in an effort to prevent drownings. Pools are a fantastic backyard addition, but they can also be deadly. We took a look at a connected product called the Coral Manta 3000, which aims to protect pools 24/7/ with an added layer of surveillance. The device looks like the sea creature it’s named after, with a solar panel on top and a camera that […]

  • Casinos now let you order drinks on demand from slot machines

    There’s a high tech new way casinos are lettings customers order drinks on demand – right from a digital menu built into slot machines! Casinos are synonymous with drinks – preferably of the free variety – and now, the process to get one is easier than ever. It’s all thanks to a high tech ordering system built right into slot machines. You know the routine – you sit down to play, and then wait for a server to notice you. […]

  • Apple Watch lost at sea washes up 6 months later and it still works

    We talk to a guy who lost his Apple Watch body surfing, only to have it returned in working condition 6 months later! Take a visit to Huntington Beach and chances are, you might catch Robert Bainter body surfing. “I do a little boogie boarding too, but mostly body surfing,” explained Bainter. Usually, you’ll also find an Apple Watch on his wrist. “This thing has been my good luck charm. I would use it quite often to show the surf […]

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