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  • ‘A dangerous, dangerous game:’ Local police chiefs are split over aggressive technique for ending pursuits

    GREENFIELD—When drivers refuse to stop for police, most agencies agree officers should chase after them. But what’s the best way to end a pursuit?  FOX6 Investigators show you the aggressive and controversial technique that has local police chiefs split. Every year, police in the Milwaukee area chase after hundreds – even thousands – of drivers who refuse to pull over. And some say the longer they allow a chase to go on, the more likely it is something bad will […]

  • ‘We have a healthy child:’ Eau Claire couple says their son is living proof of the need for rare disease screening

    EAU CLAIRE— Their first child’s death saved their youngest child’s life. Now, a Wisconsin couple is talking to FOX6 Investigators about a controversial test that could save newborn babies from a tragic fate. Without the test, you won’t know if your child has a rare genetic disorder known as Krabbe Disease, and experts say early detection is critical to getting a life-saving treatment before it’s too late. “We’ve had so many wonderful times together,” Randy Thoms said, as he thought […]

  • Sex in the snack aisle! Gas station faces possible closure over porn video

    MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee gas station is fighting to keep its business license after an amateur porn star recorded a sex video in the snack aisle. A FOX6 investigation finds the man who shot – and participated in – the video makes money by making sex videos in public places all over the Milwaukee area. For decades, there’s been a gas station at the corner of 35th Street and Townsend in Milwaukee’s Roosevelt Grove neighborhood. If Milwaukee alderman Khalif Rainey […]

  • ‘What’s wrong with my son?’ Wisconsin rejects $4 test for rare, terminal disease

    WISCONSIN RAPIDS — They thought their newborn baby was perfect, but a Wisconsin couple soon discovered he had a deadly disease. The FOX6 Investigators found the state of Wisconsin has, so far, declined to test newborns for the rare condition that killed their son. It’s a genetic disorder known as Krabbe disease, which affects fewer than 1 in 100,000 children. Experts say early detection is critical to an affected child’s chances of survival. Other states are adding newborn screening for […]

  • ‘I thought I was at an eye doctor:’ Man accused of unlicensed optometry referred for ‘possible criminal charges’

    PADDOCK LAKE — Aside from your brain, your eyes are the most complex organs in your body. That’s why it takes years of schooling to become a licensed optometrist. The FOX6 Investigators find a local eyeglass salesman is once again accused of practicing optometry without a license — four years after the state ordered him to stop. If there is one eye that seems to trouble Lee Hagopian the most, it is the public eye. “I have some people that […]

  • ‘The potential is great:’ Public DNA databases are solving violent crimes (and raising privacy concerns)

    PORT WASHINGTON — Your DNA could help catch rapists and killers, but should police be able to use it? The FOX6 Investigators found the emerging investigative technique is cracking cold cases across the country, and privacy advocates are worried. For millions of Americans, genealogy is a hobby. For Cindy Stirmel, it is a path to finding her biological father. “I look at this, honestly, at least, you know, 10 times a day,” Stirmel said as she scrolled through vital records stored […]

  • ‘It’s sad:’ Dementia leads to dropped charge against caregiver accused of stealing $17K

    FRANKLIN — Stealing from the elderly is a growing problem across Wisconsin, and the FOX6 Investigators found caregivers suspected of financially abusing their elderly clients sometimes go unpunished. Franklin police said they had a “tight case” against a personal care worker accused of fraud, until something happened that derailed it. It is something millions of Americans face that makes them especially vulnerable to financial exploitation. When Grace Rutkowski arrived to chat with Franklin police in summer 2018, she still had […]

  • ‘We got taken:’ Special fee has towed drivers angry and city exploring action

    MILWAUKEE— It’s a special fee that has drivers especially angry, and a powerful city alderman exploring official action. The FOX6 Investigators learned some towing companies may be charging more than state law allows for hauling cars off of private property. If you are parked on private property without permission, towing companies have every right to haul your car away, but state law sets limits on how much they can charge. The FOX6 Investigators found some companies are testing the limits of […]

  • ‘How is that equal justice for all?’ Mother jailed for contempt highlights scarcity of civil legal aid

    RACINE — The U.S. Constitution guarantees you the right to an attorney, but only if you’re accused of a crime. Efforts to extend that right to some civil cases have run into roadblocks in Madison. Whether it’s evictions or custody battles, divorce or domestic violence, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites are navigating the civil legal system on their own, but when a bipartisan effort to get more legal help for the poor died a quiet death, almost no one said […]

  • ‘I don’t need a license:’ Deadly crashes often caused by drivers who have never been licensed

    MILWAUKEE — Tens of thousands of drivers are caught on Wisconsin roads every year without a valid driver’s license. A FOX6 investigation found almost nothing is done about it until someone dies. Terron Clayborn was ticketed for driving with a suspended or revoked license at least 31 times in 12 years — a string that ended in the death of a Milwaukee Department of Public Works employee. Only then was Clayborn charged with a crime. It’s a deadly pattern FOX6 […]

  • ‘It’s consuming us:’ Relatives of romance scam victim can’t stop him from sending money

    MILWAUKEE —  They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but when it comes to online romance, there are also some dangerous sharks. Romance scams have become a billion-dollar international epidemic, and victims may be unwittingly helping organized criminals launder their money. Most crime victims go to the police for help, but not victims of a romantic fraud. They are often too embarrassed (or too invested in the fantasy) to talk about what’s going on, and that can […]

  • ‘You become a target:’ Wisconsin sports officials are blowing the whistle on harassment and assault

    RACINE — A string of recent outbursts caught on video has sports officials in Wisconsin on edge. Referees say the worst offenders aren’t even on the field. Fans have been harassing umpires and referees since the dawn of sports. But the men and women in zebra stripes say fan behavior is getting worse, sometimes even dangerous. And now, a national organization based right here in Wisconsin wants lawmakers to do something about it. Sometimes it’s the players. Other times, the […]

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