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  • ‘Basically, he lost his job:’ Guard who battered youth inmate gets probation as new videos surface

    MILWAUKEE — Losing his job was punishment enough. That’s what a Milwaukee County judge said about the correctional officer caught on camera abusing a juvenile inmate. The FOX6 Investigators discovered it took nearly three years to convict the guard, and the judge was reluctant to punish him at all. It’s impossible to tell what a 16-year-old boy may have said that prompted a juvenile correctional officer to unleash a fury of fists. “My client is making claims that Mr. Parks […]

  • ‘It feels like highway robbery:’ High-interest loan catches family off guard

    MILWAUKEE — In recent months, Contact 6 received complaints about an online lender with interest rates you may not believe. Shavonti Dorsey serves as a caretaker for her grandmother, Ada Davis.  In January, Davis asked Dorsey to help her get a loan from CashNetUSA. “I thought about it, because I had a big gas bill and I wanted to pay my gas bill,” Davis said. Dorsey had never gotten an online loan before, but said it only took 10 minutes. […]

  • ‘It’s disturbing:’ Private contractor caught skipping work and misusing city equipment

    MILWAUKEE — Millions of Americans work at home.  Most of them are actually supposed to be there. The FOX6 Investigators found one man working at home day after day, when he was supposed to be working at a Milwaukee housing development instead. Our investigation started with an anonymous tip, and ended with a man losing his job, but what we found in between those events raises questions about a private company you pay to manage a public property. The tip came […]

  • ‘It hasn’t been approved:’ Clinic selling stem cell injections has doctors with troubled history

    OCONOMOWOC — Doctors at a Milwaukee area medical clinic are using stem cells to reverse the causes of joint point pain — and they say they can turn back time on your aching body — but does stem cell therapy really work? The FOX6 Investigators found researchers and regulators are urging caution. Stem cells have come a long way since they were first discovered at the University of Wisconsin 20 years ago. Researchers say they could one day be used […]

  • ‘Staggering numbers:’ Wisconsin schools seek $1.4 billion in fall referendums

    WAUWATOSA — When polls open Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters in dozens of Wisconsin school districts will face one basic question: Should your school district raise taxes above state-imposed limits? Sixty-one school districts have a total of 82 referendums on Tuesday’s ballot. That’s a state record for a single election. The potential tax impact is well over $1 billion. Why are there so many school referendums? It’s a politically-loaded question that, researchers say, may have a less-than-political answer. When it comes […]

  • ‘It was just dropped, like it never happened:’ Child psychiatrist still practicing after psychotic episode

    MEQUON — A Wisconsin psychiatrist pleaded insanity, and the court agreed, so how is she still practicing? Her doctors blame a rare medical condition for a “one-time” incident that frightened three young children. In the spring of 2011, a mother took her three young children to a Naples, Florida beach, where a mentally unstable stranger mistook the children for her own. “The woman was yelling ‘these are my kids. Jesus, these are my kids!'” said Ashli Minor, the mother of […]

  • ‘This can’t keep on:’ Short prison stays do little to deter the most persistent drunk drivers

    MILWAUKEE— Most people caught driving drunk once never do it again.  But some just can’t seem to stop. FOX6 Investigators got a tip that  a habitual drunk driver was headed back to the bar. Nick Rankovich was already charged with his 7th drunk driving offense when an anonymous source told FOX 6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn where and when he could be found drinking and driving again. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones who got the heads up. The 60-year-old […]

  • Wisconsin doctor’s drunk driving history follows her to Texas

    CHRISTI, Texas — It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that drinking and driving don’t mix, but that didn’t stop a former Wisconsin neurosurgeon from driving drunk again and again. FOX6 Investigators show you why the surgeon’s criminal history is catching up with her… again. Patients and relatives of those treated by Dr. Melissa Macias tell the FOX6 Investigators, one thing is clear. “Something is not right with that doctor,” said Rose Deleon, daughter of a patient who […]

  • ‘It’s going to destroy us:’ 17-year Navy vet says mental illness led to discharge and massive debt

    SHEBOYGAN— A 17-year veteran of the United States Navy got the boot after he discloses a mental illness, but it’s what the government’s been doing ever since then that had his family calling the FOX6 Investigators for help. It was hard enough for Nate Duszynski to accept his naval career was over, but then the government started taking his severance pay,  disability checks and tax refunds, even garnishing his wages — more than $106,000 so far and still counting. Duszynski […]

  • ‘I have to say I did this:’ Psychologist caught on video talking about fabricated treatment notes

    WEST ALLIS — Psychologists are supposed to help you deal with your anxiety, not encourage you to pretend it’s worse than it really is.  But that is what a West Allis doctor is accused of doing to try and help his client win a big court judgment. The psychologist was caught on hidden camera coaching a client to lie about his symptoms. Turns out, state regulators had the video recording for nearly two years before finally taking action. After four decades in […]

  • ‘We want the rules to change:’ Father of choking victim wants CPR training for school staff

    MILWAUKEE — In Wisconsin, high school students are now required to get CPR, Heimlich maneuver, and first aid training before they’re allowed to graduate. It’s a different story for the adults in charge. It’s something that has one father calling for life-saving changes. Flashes of 9-year-old Sam Megna’s short life are preserved in all of the typical home videos like a Christmas concert, dance classes and a trip to Disney World. But there is nothing typical about the way Sam’s life ended. “I […]

  • Former professor calls on Wisconsin Supreme Court to define the limits of ‘academic freedom.’

    MADISON —  Can you get fired for criticizing your coworkers?  A former Marquette University professor says that’s basically what happened to him. Now, the state’s highest court is considering what it means to have ‘academic freedom.’ Four years ago, John McAdams drew national attention to a student instructor who had refused to allow a debate over gay marriage in her classroom. What happened next set off a legal battle that could determine just how far ‘free speech’ goes at a private university, […]

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