Battle of the children’s books: Donald Driver vs. Justin Tuck

GREEN BAY -- Snow did not cancel class at Resurrection Catholic School Thursday, which was good, because FOX6's Ted Perry needed a willing set of judges for the battle of the children's books. The kindergartners and first graders were voting between Green Bay Packers Donald Driver's children's book, and New York Giants' Justin Tuck's children's book.

First up: the first book of the Quickie trilogy. "Quickie loved football. It was his favorite sport. He would watch the older kids play every chance he got. As Quickie stood by the fence, he thought to himself, I can do this," Ted Perry read Thursday.

Their attention stood sharp, and then, it was Justin Tuck's turn. His book is ironically named "Home Field Advantage," in this town, good luck Justin! "I wasn't sure at first that I even needed a haircut. What happened to your hair?" Ted Perry read. Tuck's book discusses growing up with five sisters.

Then, it was time to take a vote. 19 kindergartners and first graders preferred Tuck's tale, and Driver squeaked out a win, with 21 votes!

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