Kelly Rindfleisch released on $1,000 bond

MILWAUKEE -- A judge has released 43-year-old Kelly Rindfleisch on $1,000 bond and set a date for her preliminary hearing. Rindfleisch is one of the people linked to an on-going John Doe investigation.

Rindfleisch faces four felony misconduct charges. She was Gov. Scott Walker's Deputy Chief of Staff when he was the Milwaukee County Executive.

Rindfleisch is accused of working on the 2010 "Brett Davis campaign for Lieutenant Governor" while on the county's clock.

In court Wednesday, Rindfleisch's lawyer gave two reasons this case should be tossed. "In the criminal complaint there is reference to immunized testimony that my client gave in 2002 investigation in Dane County where she received immunity," said attorney Frank Gimbel.

A decade ago, Rindfleisch gave testimony for an almost identical scandal at the State Capitol. She was granted immunity. But her lawyer says some of that testimony is being used against her now.

Gimbel is also asking the case be thrown out because Rindfleisch doesn't live in Milwaukee County. He believes charges should come from her home county of Columbia.

Rindfleisch's next court date is set for March 8th. That's when she'll appear for her preliminary hearing.

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