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Elkhorn wrestling coach charged after undercover sex sting

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ELKHORN -- 31-year-old Steven Springsteen-Hensel of Elkhorn made his initial appearance in a Walworth County courtroom Wednesday afternoon, May 23rd, where he was officially charged after being arrested in an undercover sex sting.

Springsteen-Hensel is being held in Walworth County Jail on a $10,000 bond. He's been charged with child enticement and attempted sexual assault.

The criminal complaint in the case says Springsteen-Hensel frequently text messaged one of his wrestlers, oftentimes saying "I love you," which made the victim uncomfortable.

Monday, May 7th was the breaking point. The criminal complaint says the teenager asked Springsteen-Hensel if he could do work at the Southern Lakes Wrestling Center, and asked what he would need to do for him. Springsteen-Hensel replied that he'd like to perform oral sex on the victim. The teenager told Springsteen-Hensel he was the wrong guy, but Springsteen-Hensel continued to persuade him about sex, asking..."Have you ever done anything with a guy?" and saying..."Maybe you should try it."

Delavan Police Detective Joaquin Alonzo received information from the teenager that Springsteen-Hensel had allegedly sent him a text message regarding oral sex. Detective Alonzo reportedly used the boy’s phone to set up a meeting with Springsteen-Hensel. Springsteen-Hensel allegedly offered to pick the boy up from the Phoenix Middle School parking lot in Delavan. The criminal complaint alleges Springsteen-Hensel wanted to take the teenager to a bike trail to perform oral sex on him.

Springsteen-Hensel apparently had no idea the “boy” he was chatting with was actually an undercover officer.

Springsteen-Hensel's former wrestlers, like Kyndle Bennett, were in court Wednesday supporting their coach.

"I still think it was just a bad decision, and I guess it doesn't change my opinion about him. I still think he's a good guy," Bennett said.

Springsteen-Hensel is due back in court next week.

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