Dem. Reps. to deliver letter to Walker regarding John Doe

MADISON — State Reps. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) and Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) intend to deliver a letter signed by several members of the Legislature to Governor Walker Thursday morning, May 31st, encouraging him to shed light on who is paying his attorney fees relating to the ongoing John Doe investigation.

Richards and Hebl released the following statements:  “Governor Walker has now transferred a total of $160,000 from his campaign to his legal defense fund, yet he continually refuses to answer questions about who authorized the transfers or whose attorney fees are being covered,” said Richards.  “Walker owes the public answers about his John Doe attorney fees before the June 5 recall election.”

“Wisconsin citizens deserve to know who has agreed to pay for his legal representation,” said Hebl.  “It’s time to begin restoring Wisconsinites’ faith in their political system.”

Representatives Richards and Hebl announced last week that they have drafted legislation to provide the public with much-needed information regarding public officials who raise legal defense fund money from third parties.

The Legal Defense Fund Transparency Act will contain stricter disclosure requirements for donations to and expenditures from legal defense funds than are provided for under current law.

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