Heat ADVISORY for most of southeast Wisconsin until 7pm tonight

Gov. Walker, Barrett meet with voters at Dairy Breakfast

DE PERE -- Gov. Scott Walker and Tom Barrett -- candidates in Wisconsin's recall election, met in De Pere Sunday morning, June 3rd where they spoke with voters at the Brown County Dairy Breakfast.

Both men plated up eggs in the food line and enjoyed time among voters, with just two days to go before voters take to the polls.

"It's just a great way to celebrate life in Wisconsin," Barrett said.

"Obviously a lot of fun. It's good to come out to the Dairy Breakfast," Walker said.

There weren't many sparks, even though the political rivals were in close proximity. Neither Gov. Walker nor Barrett addressed the other directly.

"Our opponent has had more than 50 days to talk about a plan. He refuses to answer that because he doesn't have a plan," Gov. Walker said.

"Because of this political civil war that Scott Walker has created, and I will end that civil war because I want people to realize we do have real issues," Barrett said.

While voters enjoyed the opportunity to get up close and personal with the candidates, the majority of people attending the Dairy Breakfast said they already know who they're voting for on Tuesday.

Both Gov. Walker and Barrett say Wisconsin voters are informed, but both predict a victory on Tuesday.

"I think voters in Wisconsin, probably more than any other state in the country, really pay attention to details. They pay attention to the facts," Gov. Walker said.

"I'm going to win on Tuesday and it will go blue in November," Barrett said.

After Sunday morning's breakfast, Barrett and Senator Herb Kohl continued on the campaign trail in Oshkosh and Stevens Point.

Gov. Walker made stops at Al's Hamburger in Green Bay with Mayor Jim Schmitt. He also stopped in Oshkosh and Germantown.

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