Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett concedes recall election to Walker

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett conceded to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin's historic recall election.

Barrett addressed supporters in Milwaukee and thanked them for their dedication to his campaign and to the petitions that triggered the recall.

Barrett says Wisconsin is deeply divided, and it's up to both Republicans and Democrats to listen to one another. He says he hopes both sides will come together.

Walker says he wants lawmakers to meet next week over burgers and brats to talk about ways to bridge the political divide.

The Barrett loss is a blow to Democrats and to unions that spent millions to oust Walker.

Barrett began his Tuesday by casting his ballot at the French Immersion School in Milwaukee. He said he felt confident high voter turnout throughout the state would mean victory for him.

FOX6 News learned Tuesday night that Barrett was slapped by a supporter who was apparently upset with him for conceding early. Barrett stepped down from the podium after his concession speech to greet supporters, and the woman apparently said "can I slap you?" Barrett then leaned in, thinking the woman was joking and expecting a light tap, but the woman apparently slapped him a bit harder than that, and Barrett's security staff stepped in.

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