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Barrett says he hopes Gov. Walker will bring state together

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Mayor Tom Barrett

Mayor Tom Barrett

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee’s Mayor, Tom Barrett conceded the gubernatorial recall race to Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday, June 5th, and Wednesday — it was back to work as Milwaukee’s Mayor for Barrett.

Barrett said Wednesday he hopes Gov. Walker now sees that he needs to bring the state of Wisconsin together.

“People have to be willing to listen to each other and not just talk past each other in soundbites, because clearly what we’ve seen in the last year and half is a lot of partisanship. I’ve always said that real leadership is sometimes stepping out of your safety zone and taking chances, and I think that’s what’s important right now,” Barrett said.

Barrett hosted Milwaukee’s “Third Annual Infant Mortality Summit” Wednesday along with Milwaukee’s Health Department.

This year’s theme was “Changing the Social Determinants of Health.” 

Previous years’ events have focused on unsafe sleeping environments and premature births, the most preventable and most prevalent causes of infant death, respectively.

“Changing the Social Determinants of Health” explored the connections between social and economic factors such as jobs and early childhood education, and how they affect birth outcomes.

The summit was held from noon to 5:00 p.m. at Milwaukee’s Italian Community Center.

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