Three honored for saving man’s life after truck pinned him underneath

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FOND DU LAC -- A truck fell on a man, pinning him underneath, and the man's daughter and two of her friends jumped into action! The three teens were honored on Tuesday, June 19th for saving the man's life.

John Skalsky was working on the truck at his home in the Town of Byron, when it fell on him. His daughter, Brittani and her friend, Ashley Uibel were nearby.

"I would have suffocated to death under the truck. With the truck on my chest, I was so scared," John said.

The girls heard Skalsky's cries for help, and found him hardly able to breathe, turning blue.

"Honestly, I didn't think anything.  My mind went I called 911 first," Brittani said.

At that point, a friend, Dewey Wilson, arrived at the home and helped lift the truck, freeing John. Dewey said most of the credit belongs to the girls.

"If it wasn't for them getting the pressure of the truck off his chest, I don't think it would have been a good thing," Wilson said.

The girls and Wilson received the first Citizen Life Safety Awards from the Fond du Lac Fire Department for their heroics. They say they're honored and happy.

"It's a good thing to know it turned out the way it did," Wilson said.

"I'm so happy for them and just to know that I have people in my life that could do that for me is amazing," John said.

John said he is especially proud of his little girl and said he has her to thank for another Father's Day to spend together.

 "I gave him a card and a big hug," Brittani said.

The Fond du Lac Fire Department is now planning to award the Citizen Life Safety Award annually.