Elliptical Bike Gets You Outside

From baby boomers to Olympic hopefuls, thousands of athletes across the nation are discovering a new way to get a low impact workout.  A cross between a bike and an elliptical machine, the ElliptiGO gets you out of the gym and into the fresh air for a fun workout.

According to Bryce Whiting of ElliptiGO, "It's super easy to ride. It's simple as one foot up and kick off with your bottom foot. You start walking, you start running and you're going."  

Going, on a device that's kind of like running on an outdoor elliptical machine.

"It's really geared for that runner who struggles with the impact. The indoor elliptical user who loves to workout but hates being stuck indoors, or that cyclist who struggles with the bike seat or the posture. And how long it takes to get a workout on a bike," says Whiting.

Company founders include former triathletes looking for a better way to get a low impact running workout without a bike.

"It burns thirty three percent more calories than a traditional bike so you can go off of your work out in 40-45 minutes and there you go," adds Whiting.

It's definitely pretty easy to learn. It's kind of like riding a bike, kind of like being on the elliptical, and kind of like jogging all at the same time.

And unlike other new age workout bikes, this one is actually easy to ride.

ElliptiGO's start at $1800, so it might be a good idea to rent one and try it out first before deciding to buy.

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