Mechanics busy repairing A/C units in extreme heat

BROWN DEER -- With the extreme heat wave we've seen throughout southeastern Wisconsin over the past several days, and an excessive heat warning in place, car air conditioners are working overtime, as are mechanics. Most mechanics repairing car A/C units in the extreme heat were doing so without the benefits of cooled-down air to work in.

Scott Berge was just happy to have a fan blowing on him as he worked through the heat at Midtown Auto Body Repair on Thursday.

"I walk away from this fan, and I die," Berge said.

Midtown Auto Body Repair Owner Darrell Hillman says during extremely hot days like we've seen, the mechanics in his shop are busy handling collision repairs.

"We get a tremendous amount of calls for air conditioning repairs and things like that," Hillman said.

Hillman says he stresses safety among his employees when working through the heat.

"I just tell them to work safe and if they feel faint, just lay back and take it easy," Hillman said.

Inside Tran's Full Service, Biauao Saavedra recharged air conditioning system after air conditioning system. Then, he pumped in a special dye to pinpoint the exact problem spot.

Unfortunately for one car owner, the air compressor was broken -- a $400 repair.

On one of the hottest days on record in Milwaukee, the car owner drove home without air conditioning -- thinking about whether to go forward with the repair.

Mechanics say the first sign of a bad A/C Unit is blowing hot air.

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