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Waukesha company has 100 jobs to fill over next six months

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WAUKESHA -- June was another bad month of job numbers.  A lot of people are out of work, but one Waukesha company says it has plenty of positions to fill!

Connecture, a software company that makes products for the healthcare field, is looking for fresh faces.

The company is growing so fast, it's moving from Waukesha to a bigger space in Brookfield.

"It's developed and accelerated its growth in the short term. We have 25 people working out of their homes because we don't have any space for them," Connecture President Dan Maynard said.

The reason for the openings is a lack of skilled workers with the right technical skills.  There are so few skilled workers in our area, offices are used in Connecticut, Atlanta and even India.

Connecture hired a marketing firm to help with the hiring.

"Hiring is really really hard.  It is a major investment. In Connecture's case, they had the foresight to have the smarts to get really clear about what our brand message is," Liza Redlin with GS Designs said.

GS Designs says it can save time and money by marketing to the right kind of applicants. 

Connecture officials hope the candidate pool grows as more people learn the skills needed to fill open positions.

"Going to school and getting the liberal arts program -- it doesn't give you the technical skills to fill the positions. It isn't going to benefit anybody," Connecture President Dan Maynard said.

Maynard says for those that do have the skills, a desk and a nice paycheck are waiting.

If you think you are qualified, check out the company's employment page HERE. Connecture officials say they need to fill 100 open positions within the next six months.