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Crews call for reinforcements in search for Dennis Flemion in Wind Lake

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WIND LAKE -- Rescue crews spent a fourth day in Wind Lake, searching for a missing West Allis man. Racine County officials confirmed Tuesday, July 10th the man is 57-year-old Dennis Flemion. He was apparently out on the lake with friends over the weekend, when he reportedly jumped off a boat and did not resurface. Tuesday, rescue crews called in reinforcements.

Officials say Flemion was out on a free-floating pontoon boat with friends and family before Flemion entered the water without a life-jacket and did not resurface.

Tuesday, crews reached out to the Milwaukee Fire Department and Milwaukee Police Department for some equipment to assist in the search. Both provided "sector-scanning sonar" equipment.

"With the increased technology, I would say it`s definitely probable. I don`t want to say 'it`s a given, but if he`s in this area, we should be able to find him," Brad Friend with Racine County Water Rescue said.

Over 20 departments were involved in the search as of Tuesday, and crews had narrowed the search to three primary areas, with depths measuring around 50 feet. The depth of the water has created challenges for rescue crews, as it is difficult to see in the dark, murky water.

Officials say first-responders located Flemion's family in the pontoon boat using cell phone technology, but by the time responders arrived, the pontoon boat had moved a significant distance -- another challenge for crews in the search.

Flemion was the founder of the band "The Frogs," a Milwaukee art-rock duo.

FOX6 News learned Tuesday evening three individuals involved with the search were hospitalized for a time due to effects of the search. They were treated and released.

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