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Tips to make the back to school transition easier

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Getting kids ready for back-to-school can be easy if you take a few simple steps to prepare them for the big day ahead of time. From getting up on time to eating enough nutrients to saving lunch money, there are products that can help you and your child get a great start to the 2012 – 2013 school year.


  • Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedule - Use this daily schedule to help make every day go smoothly. Created by a mom/teacher and made with 70 percent recycled materials. Helps children with cooperation, responsibility, and independence. Starter Kit $26, www.easydaysies.com
  • Twooth Timer - No more struggling! Kids are encouraged to brush their teeth for two full minutes, thanks to this adorable timer. Easy to use, designed by a mom, and recommended by dentists and hygienists -- no batteries needed! $11, www.toothtime.com
  • Good Nite Lite - Is it time to wake up yet? Little ones don’t always know what time it is, but with the Good Nite Lite, they see the sun coming up – so it’s time to wake up and the moon lets them know it’s time to go to sleep. $35, www.goodnitelite.com


  • Moonjar MoneyBox - A great way for kids to learn about money and for parents to start a positive dialog on how to save, spend, and share. Helps kids apply real life math to their lives. $30, www.moonjar.com
  • Today I Ate A Rainbow Kit - Designed for preschoolers to help them eat healthy – ensuring they eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies every day. The Rainbow Bunch characters teach why it's important to eat healthy; the chart empowers and rewards kids. $25, www.todayiatearainbow.com (Note: Viewers can use discount code REAL for 15% off their purchase of this item.)
  • Eco Ditty Lunch Sacks - Using Eco-Ditty bags keeps a plastic sack out of the landfills and dangerous toxins out of your kids’ bodies. Using Eco-Ditty products is also a great conversation starter for kids and parents – as a reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle, Under $15 (price varies based on size). www.eco-ditty.com


  • Origami Napkins - Impress your kids with origami napkins in their lunch or if kids are a little older, let them have fun with their friends at lunch. Each pack comes with 40 assorted paper napkins with different origami patterns printed on them, along with easy to follow instructions, $9. www.amazon.com.
  • Lunchbox Love for Kids – Positive notes, fun trivia and jokes for your children’s lunchbox, backpack, binder, or pillow. Busy parents and caregivers will love this easy yet meaningful way to share positive feelings and values with their children. Each volume contains 92 different cards--enough for the whole school year, $45. www.sayplease.com (Note: Viewers can use coupon code MUNOZ for a 15% discount.)
  • MadPax Backpacks - Function and attitude! Kids will love these spunky, spiky MadPax Backpack because they make a statement. The all-over spike design comes in fun, funky colors. It’s made from rugged polyurethane construction, has two exterior pockets, a roomy interior and padded, adjustable shoulder straps, $15 - $60 (Price varies based on size from the mini at 6” – to a full at 17”). www.madpax.com
  • Mark-My-Time™ Digital Booklight – Accurately track children’s required reading times to help take the work out of daily reading homework, featuring a LED light, adjustable arm, and integrated clip to attach the bookmark to the book. $15, www.mark-my-time.com