Heat ADVISORY for most of SE Wisconsin from noon Saturday – 7pm Sunday

Man arrested after Sheboygan prostitution ring busted

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY -- A Sheboygan man is behind bars, accused of human trafficking after a prostitution ring was busted right in the middle of the city.

34-year-old Jason Guidry heard the charges against him in court Wednesday, September 5th. Prosecutors say he's a drug dealer, but it's the other part of his business that has not been seen in the county -- human trafficking.

A criminal complaint in the case says a traffic stop led to the discovery of drugs. Eventually, cops raided his home on North 12th Street -- the place prosecutors call the base of his operation.

Investigators say a second home in Sheboygan Falls was used to store drugs.

Neighbors say they're shocked to learn of the accusations Guidry offered drugs as pay. Neighbors say they knew something wasn't right in the home, and hope Guidry's arrest will allow the neighborhood to return to normal.

"We saw women coming and going all the time. It is scary because I can't even trust walking our dog late at night like I used to," one neighbor said.

If convicted, Guidry could spend nearly 100 years in prison.

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