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Greendale school officials address bullying following bomb threat incident

GREENDALE -- Greendale School District officials invited parents of students to join a discussion on bullying and harassment during a "Parents as Partners" meeting held Wednesday evening, October 17th. This, after a recent bomb threat incident at the high school.

17-year-old Nicholas Olson has been charged with disorderly conduct after being accused of writing "3 DAYS TIL BOOM JK OR AM I?" on a bathroom wall at Greendale High School on September 20th.

The threat forced school officials to move the GHS Homecoming Dance to the Greendale Middle School on Saturday night. During that time, the high school underwent a couple of canine searches and was locked down for safety’s sake. Official say no explosive devices were located.
Olson reported that he penned the threat in an attempt to disrupt Homecoming activities.
Police say Olson was taunted and teased by classmates for many years. Police say classmates just voted Olson onto the Homecoming court as a joke.
Bomb scares typically lead to felony charges. However, police say the administration showed sympathy for the plight of this student.
In a release to parents issued on Tuesday, October 2nd, Principal Steven Lodes said: "In the wake of recent is clear we reached the point where remaining quietly focused on education is causing speculation and rumor to fill the voice left by the silence. I want to assure our families that the Greendale Schools consistently and vigorously addresses harassment and intimidation so that there is minimum disruption to students and their learning."
Before Wednesday night's meeting, Greendale Superintendent John Tharp told FOX6 News the district's climate is positive even after this bomb threat incident.
"The feedback I've received from parents personally -- emails and phone calls has been very positive. I won't dwell on any one incident, but when kids have a bad day, we circle the wagons and help kids move on," Tharp said.
School district officials say dealing with the issue of bullying is an ongoing process. School officials are reportedly in preliminary talks regarding how to prevent bullying start in kindergarten.
"Let's be positive, good adult role models for our students. Persevere, stand up for yourselves -- but also, when you notice an instance of inappropriateness, say 'hey, knock it off,'" Tharp said.
The topic of school climate had been on the agenda prior to the bomb threat, but district officials said they weren't going to talk specifically about the bomb threat unless a parent brought it up. Parents told FOX6 News they are concerned following the bomb threat, and want to know what the school district is doing to keep this form happening again.

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  • Steve Olson

    “The feedback I’ve received from parents personally — emails and phone calls has been very positive. I won’t dwell on any one incident, but when kids have a bad day, we circle the wagons and help kids move on,” Tharp said.
    This statement is not true, Tharp did nothing to help Nick “move on”.


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