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15-year-old Racine boy dies after playing the “Choking Game”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RACINE -- Jeana Monroe says the "Choking Game" took the life of her 15-year-old son, and now, she's making it her mission to warn other parents and kids, so they know what she didn't.

On Tuesday, December 4th, high school sophomore R.J. Monroe was found dead -- hanging with a belt around his neck. Monroe's mother says his death was the result of the "Choking Game."

"He wasn't depressed. He didn't want to die. It's just a tragedy," Jeana Monroe said.

Jeana Monroe says her son was a happy-go-lucky kid and she knows this was not a suicide. She says she knew right away, when there was no note left behind.

It was the "Choking Game" that had deadly consequences for her son, and now, Jeana Monroe is on a mission to make sure what happened to her family doesn't happen to anyone else.

"We're never going to get him back, but we have to be able to do something with this," Jeana Monroe said.

The "Choking Game" is played to get a brief high. Jeana Monroe said she believes her son began playing the game after experimenting with Xanax. She says R.J.'s friends told her his supply had recently run out.

"I think that when he wasn't getting that release that he was getting from the drug, he looked for another method," Jeana Monroe said.

Jeana Monroe says she wants parents to know the warning signs: bloodshot eyes and marks on the throat and neck.

"If somebody would've told me about this, then I would've known that little tiny red mark could've been an indication that he was putting something around his neck. There's games that we don't know about that can hurt our kids and are taking our kids lives," Jeana Monroe said.

Jeana Monroe says she will continue to spread the word about this dangerous game in the hopes of saving other kids' lives.