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Nearly 30 couples tie the knot on 12-12-12

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MILWAUKEE -- Superstitious lovebirds reveled in Wednesday's date: 12-12-12! It was a huge day for weddings at the Milwaukee County Courthouse!

Four times more weddings were booked on 12-12-12 than any average Wednesday. Normally, there are about six nuptials. This time, nearly 30 couples tied the knot.

“Very exciting. Very exciting and very different than an ordinary day in my courtroom,” Milwaukee County Judge Maxine White said.

For some, a lot of thought was put into getting married on this day.

“We actually started dating on 7-7-07. I figured five years, five months and five days later, why not? So today's the day,” Joshua Cardin said.

“I'm extremely happy. I've been waiting for this day my whole life,” Joshua's wife Maggie Cardin said.

William and Angela Hartline waited nine years to say "I do" for a completely different reason.

“Her Grandmother's last wedding was on this day, so besides the special day of 12-12-12, it's something she shares with her Grandmother also,” William Hartline said.

All superstitions aside, this unique date, the newlyweds say, has much more love and meaning behind it too. According to a survey from David's Bridal, over 7,000 couples tied the knot across the country on 12-12-12.

The next triple digit date won't happen again for another 89 years, on January 1st, 2101 -- so this really was once-in-a-lifetime for these couples.