Salvation Army offering 23rd annual free meal on Christmas Day

MILWAUKEE -- The Salvation Army is getting ready to cook Christmas dinner for 10,000 people in downtown Milwaukee. On Sunday, December 23rd, volunteers were in the kitchen, preparing for the feast.

"Last year, we fed over 11,000 people. They say the food is just delicious," volunteer Janette Herrera said.

An army of volunteers will help to feed the thousands, and everyone has a task.

"We're doing this for the benefit of the people," organizer Chandra Staples said.

They are working to prepare a meal including dressing, mashed potatoes, peas, ham, turkey, dinner rolls, candied yams, and more. The feast is available to the entire community and prepared so that no one must be alone on Christmas.

"It's just like being with the family," Herrera said.

Volunteers say it's all about giving back during the season of giving -- helping to make Christmas special for someone else.

"There are a lot of things wrong in this world lately, and it feels good to give back. It's Milwaukee. This is what we do. We take care of each other," volunteer Jeremy Polcyn said.

The dinner is free, and is being held Christmas Day at the Delta Center in downtown Milwaukee from 11:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the Salvation Army's Christmas feast.

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