Heat ADVISORY for most of SE Wisconsin from noon Saturday – 7pm Sunday

60 spend Sunday searching East Side for signs of missing Nick Wilcox

MILWAUKEE -- On Sunday, January 6th, those looking for 24-year-old Nick Wilcox who has been missing since New Year's Eve expanded the search after several days of trying to discover Wilcox's whereabouts.

About 60 people split up along Milwaukee's east side in a mission that covered a series of possible paths.

"Basically, we're trying to follow any type of patch he might have taken to get back to his residence," Dan McGonagil, the brother of Wilcox's girlfriend, Kelly.

The search party set up at the Irish Rec Room -- the downtown bar where Wilcox was last seen about two hours into the New Year. Wilcox's father was taken aback by the faces filling the room on Sunday.

"Friends we had years ago when the kids were all little, their kids were little and you grow apart from and all of a sudden they're here, helping," Wilcox's father said.

Although few solid tips have come in over the last five days, the family said they remain hopeful. Wilcox's father repeated his request to anyone who was out downtown or on Milwaukee's east side on New Year's Eve.

"Again check your cameras if you were out that night, videotapes, whatever. Please call the police department if you have any information or even if you think you might have something," Wilcox's father said.

The search for Nick Wilcox will continue on Monday, January 7th.

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