Donald Driver jerseys expected to be in high demand

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WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- Get them while you can! Donald Driver is retiring, so number 80 jerseys are expected to be a top seller in the coming days.

Driver's #80 may not be the most popular number for the Packers. But Driver's merchandise has always sold well at places like The Green and Gold Zone in West Allis.

"Last few years where his production might have been down but he's the elder statesman of the team," said Gary Anders of The Green and Gold Zone.

But since Driver announced he's stepping away from the game, demand for his jersey is expected to increase.

"There will be a little bit of a rush because a lot of people will know that they're going to disappear," said Anders.

Because Driver will no longer be an active player, the NFL and Nike can no longer make more of his jerseys. So however many are on the racks at stores and in the warehouses at Nike, that's how many are left.

"Once we get to next training camp, they are basically going to be gone because Nike isn't sitting on thousands of them," said Anders.

That also includes pennants and other Driver merchandise. Once those supplies are gone, Anders says you'll have to wait for other businesses to possibly make limited editions of his jersey. But when that is, remains unknown.

Anders says there's also a rule of 144 with Nike and the NFL. A company or companies need to order 144 jerseys before it will even consider making it. Anders says it's highly unlikely more Driver jerseys will be made in the future.