Fourth-grader found drunk, wandering naked in Florida

FLORIDA (CNN) -- A 10-year-old was found wandering around a Florida neighborhood, naked and drunk. Now, police are investigating this as a case of suspected child abuse.

"He couldn't even stand. He was just, ahhh, you know. Naked, and I'm like, come in the house baby -- and I went and got some of my son's clothes," the boy's neighbor, Amanda Roesch said.

Two neighbors walking their dog came across the 10-year-old wandering a Spring Hill neighborhood without a stitch of clothing, it a state no child should ever experience.

The boy's caretaker, Nedra Byrd was intoxicated as well, according to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office -- and passed out in her home across the street with a friend.

Officials say the boy reported Byrd supplied him with brandy.

When deputies arrived, they found a half-empty bottle of Christian Brother's brandy on the counter.

The fourth-grader was taken to the hospital. His BAC was .108.

Roesch says as a mother, she is still shaken up from this incident.

"How do you not know your child is missing and drunk -- drunk and missing, wandering down a dark road in the cold. I just don't understand," Roesch said.

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