Racine residents meet to discuss implementing sex offender ordinance

RACINE (WITI) -- On the day that Michael Fink, a repeat violent sex offender returned to live in Racine, over two dozen people attended a meeting discussing this and other issues involving sex offenders in their city.

A victim of Fink's, whom FOX6 News is not identifying, attended the meeting in the hopes that Racine creates an ordinance to limit where sex offenders can live within the city.

"Right now, they could be anywhere. I think it`s going to keep a closer eye on these people because it`s going to be a limited areas where they`ll be able to be," Fink's victim said.

Alderwoman Molly Hall is the person trying to get this ordinance created and implemented through the City Council.

Fink's attorney Rob Peterson doesn't believe an ordinance limiting where a sex offender can live makes the community any safer.

"They actually decrease public safety by forcing the hundreds of sex offenders, of which there are more than 300 registered sex offenders in the city of Racine, into residences that are not on the grid," Peterson said.

Fink's victim believes the community is rallying behind her as she pushes to get an ordinance approved.

"It's really opened their eyes to a lot of people that there is room for change," Fink's victim said.

Part of that change, according to Schultz, is staying educated on the issue.

"I would like this to be more than just a wakeup call. It's really one of the topics where you have to stay vigilant all the time," Schultz said.

Like Racine, there is no ordinance restricting where sex offenders live in the city of Milwaukee. However, all of the surrounding communities outside the city have an ordinance in place.

A meeting is planned for Monday, February 25th at City Hall to discuss the ordinance, which may take about five weeks to finish.

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