Five Nicolet High School students score perfect ACT scores

GLENDALE (WITI) -- Five Nicolet High School students have scored perfect scores on the ACT test!

Annie Jen found out she did it around June of last year. Nancy Gao found out about the same time. Ben Lawton found out on Christmas Eve. Alex Heuer found out recently, and her twin sister Rachel found out the same day.

All five of these Nicolet High School students got a perfect score on their ACT college admission and placement exam.

Among ACT tested U.S. high school graduates in the class of 2012, only 781 out of more than 1.66 million students earned a composite score of 36.

Alex Heuer said she expected the perfect score.

"I just thought it went really well. I wasn't nervous at all when I went into the test," Heuer said.

"After I heard she got a 36, I sort of thought I would be going roughly the same way," Rachel Heuer said.

Lawton wasn't as confident as the sisters about a perfect score.

"Not because I wasn't expecting to do well generally, I just thought that specific test had gone very poorly with regards to pacing," Lawton said.

Gao said the night before the test was not as you may expect.

"I actually went bowling the night before and I sprained my finger, which was not fun. I took a couple of painkillers in the morning, flipped through the book and went into the test," Gao said.

The students are getting a lot of attention for their accomplishments. Superintendent Rick Monroe told them people are asking him to bring them to speaking engagements.

"It's certainly a new experience. I am trying to stay humble, but it's really fun," Alex Heuer said.

Superintendent Monroe says Nicolet has even more reason to be proud. He says of the 257 seniors, 50 got a 30 or higher on their ACT this school year.

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