Hartford woman has spent six years sending care packages to troops

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HARTFORD (WITI) -- A Hartford woman has been trying to bring "home" to troops serving overseas for more than six years. Now, 5,000 packages later, this mom says it is a way to let the soldiers they are being thought of.

LeAnn Boudwine knows the heartache and sacrifice that goes into having children in the military. Her daughter-in-law is about to be deployed again and her two sons are also active.

"My children are still in. They continue to go on deployment. I appreciate every single time they come home. Their units have all come home, so knock on wood so that keeps happening and that's why I say I keep doing this," Boudwine said.

Boudwine participates in helping to prepare care packages to the troops.

"I'm just a mom. I'm no huge business person. I just got into this by mistake. What a wonderful mistake," Boudwine said.

Boudwine and other volunteers send car packages to troops serving overseas.

"If I can help give them that smile, that oohh, somebody cares, that's what I want," Boudwine said.

With the care packages many times comes a thank you letter like one that came on Thursday.

"I'm just amazed at how grateful they are for these things that we do take for granted," Anne Roar said.

Roar doesn't have a family member in the military, but has helped Boudwine from the beginning. The first goal was 100 packages. Now, they've sent more than 5,000 with many more to go.

"If this is my, I'm going to say my labor of love to help to bring my children home safely, I'll do this forever," Boudwine said.

Boudwine has spent more than $56,000 in postage. Most of that money came through donations and fundraisers. She now has to find a building to continue her program, as the donated space she's using now is being leased to another tenant.

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