MSOE students attempting to build 1,000 MPG vehicle

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A group of more than two dozen Milwaukee college students are trying to build a car that averages over 1,000 miles per gallon!

Milwaukee School of Engineering students, part of "Team Carbonair" are working to construct their entry to this year's Shell Eco-marathon, where the goal is great gas mileage.

"These cars have the same thing that we have in our Toyota Camrys and that race cars have on their vehicles, but we're using it in a different way," Charlie Scanlon said.

The team is composed of 25 members -- not one of whom is a senior.

"It really provides a good leadership experience. It's really helpful to be able to work with a team and that'll apply really well into the actual engineering field," Caleb Nitz said.

During the 2012 event, the MSOE team's vehicle averaged 842 miles per gallon, and featured an aluminum frame. This year, Team Carbonair is using a lighter, carbon-fiber frame.

"We wanted to show the capabilities that MSOE students have to use a more advanced material and challenge ourselves with that," Greg Kucab said.

"We're still using gasoline, and we changed the driving style, we changed the size of the engine, we changed the weight of the car -- and in doing that, we achieve high mileage," Charlie Scanlon said.

Regardless of the number, the MSOE students say the experience is of great value.

"All the comraderie -- getting to work with all your friends on a fun project that isn't necessarily completely school related. You don't get a grade for it," Nitz said.

This year's Shell Eco-Marathon competition is scheduled for April 4th through April 7th in Houston, Texas.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the Shell Eco-Marathon.

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